Famitsu: New Gundam game for the PS3

The last issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine announced that Mobile Suit Gundam Battlefield Record U.C. 0081 (Kido Senshi Gundam Senki U.C. 0081) game for the Sony PlayStation 3 console will feature the revamped RX-78-7 Gundam #7 design that first debuted in Kadokawa Shoten's Gundam Ace manga magazine last month.

The Bandai NAMCO Group's Bec is developing the game with in-game animation produced by Sunrise, Gundam's original anime studio. The action game will support network play for up to eight players. The release date and price for the game are not yet finalized. Besides the RX-78-2 Gundam #7, the game will feature the Aqua GM, the GM Command, the GM Ground Type, the Zaku I, the Zaku I Sniper Type, and the Zaku II mecha.

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BrunoM3561d ago

lol here we go again ALOT of sales in japan ...

dont get me wrong i LOVE the anime gundam wing but some how i fell that non of the games made for these anime catch the felling of it .. but still we will see sale for first day on the 70K if not much more up ..

as fas an anime games go Dragon ball z Budukai 3 and Naruto ninja storm ps3 are the best one but any ways ... il rent it and check it out .. u never know it mai be the good one ....

solideagle13561d ago

alot of sales will be in japan because of this game but today there are more exclusive talk for PS3. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is coming and now this.

UltimateIdiot9113561d ago

I just hope it's not like crossfire. I had so much hope that it will be a good Gundam game but it wasn't.

Many of these console Gundam game always seem to be lacking compare to the PSP Gundam games which never makes it to the US.

Well, I hope this will be good and makes it to the US. 8 player is kind of weak.

killzone2ownsallfps3561d ago

um... ps3 still gained exclusives

TheHater3561d ago

I might actually end up like this series more than Gundam Wing.
As for this game, I hope it good. I am waiting for a good Gundam Game.

UltimateIdiot9113561d ago

Yeah, I'm watching Gundam 00.

Avenged Sevenfold3561d ago

Yea I'm on episode 4 in the second season. Gundam wing is by far my favorite. And i also like the one with card, and he's all forgot what it's called. 00 is really good. smart anime.

FF7numbaone3561d ago

watching seed atm, 00 is next. I like wing and G gundam.

Raf1k13561d ago

Gundam 00 is awsome.

Cant wait for the last 2 episodes in the current series.

I really hope theres another one after this.

edit: awsome might be a little over the top but it definitely has its moments :)

Simon_Brezhnev3561d ago

00 is okay didnt get real good until last 5 episodes SEED/Destiny is way better then 00 and the main character in 00 is almost like Hero from Wing always serious thats one thing i liked about him

Black Maverick3561d ago

Yeah, Wing and G Gundam are my favorite Gundam series although I haven't seen Gundam 00 yet. Seems like people like it so I might give it try.

Sheddi3561d ago

im watching it right now.
it is real good!
I hope they make the game as the series.

Avenged Sevenfold3561d ago

There's only 2 seasons of 25 episodes. :( It's already done in Japan.

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crinale3561d ago

It really is the sequel for Gundam: Lost War Chronicles.
Prequel was fairly well received in Japan. I hope this goes the same path.

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