Windows 7, Vista and XP: three of a kind

It's a downgrade from its predecessor, introduces no killer features and is regarded by some as a cynical attempt by Microsoft to squeeze more money from us. The release of a new desktop operating system (OS) is always a hot topic among PC enthusiasts, but this time Microsoft has failed to provide us with a major incentive to make the switch. Furthermore, those who've taken the plunge have expressed their dislike for the interface and reported incompatibilities with essential software.

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steve30x3536d ago

WOW they say all that before the OS is even available to buy. Windows 7 is only in beta stage yet so he can not judge the OS yet. As soon as the OS is for sale then let the posts like this happen.

I have been testing Windows 7 and I must say that its far from a downgrade from Vista or XP. M$ are working on the incompatabilities and most software that was incompatable is now working in windows 7. Not only that but windows 7 is much quicker than Vista and is less bugged than Vista still is with SP1 installed. I am definately moving from XP to windows 7 thats for sure.

SaiyanFury3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

I also like Windows 7. It's fast and surprisingly compatible with hardware. Unfortunately, I've had bad experiences with all of the installations I've done with it. Every one of them (5 and counting) has screwed up on me in various ways. Sometimes I get a BSOD for no good reason, other times my computer just locks up. I like the OS, and I realize it's in beta stage, so I'm hoping the final product will be more stable. Until then, it's XP for me.

Pug3535d ago

If you read the article the next sentence is
"The year is 2001, and the OS is Windows XP - Microsoft's flagship product that eventually went on to win the hearts and minds of computer users to such an extent that it has become the most popular Windows OS of all time..." I think he was trying to cast our minds back to when XP was released and what the reception was like...

ezlife3535d ago

i don't think xp is the most loved os. i think you might find out that windows 95 takes its place

ezlife3535d ago

I have the beta version of 7 and i think its great(the new bar features are awesome) but i also thought vista was better when the service pack came out . oh and xp looks bland

Balance3535d ago

i agree, i am using xp at work but have vista, win 7, and linux machines at home. when i come to work i have gotten to the point i can't stand xp. in terms of usability i have really gotten to like vista and love win 7. i will work all night at home and come to work frustrated by the fact i can't just hit the windows key to bring up the start menu and type the first few letters of the program i want and hit enter, in xp i have to go find it where vista/7 the search bar in the start menu is so much better.

Balance3535d ago

after testing out win 7 and the latest RC1 build (7048) i think in 3 years people will be more in love with windows 7 than they were xp. it is definitly better and more customizable than vista, and yes it is speedier on the same hardware. What bothers me are the people who complain about the fact vista doesn't run well on their 7yr old hardware. how quickly they forgot how badly xp ran on their hardware that was supposed to run win95. Now don't get me wrong i am not a fan of the 70 or so processes vista starts up but the fact is alot of the bloat from windows over the year comes from the fact MS refuses to give up some backward compatibility. you see the same thing slowly starting to come from the linux (umbuntu) builds now too. It used to be lean and mean but as features are added and backward compatibility is trying to be maintained you can start to see the bloat creeping in. it would be nice to see them start over, but just doesn't make business sense.
People seem to forget that MS and its partners are in this to make money. people seem to believe windows is something the world owes them, not a product produced to remove money from their wallets.