Lost Xbox 360 Worth $1,000,000?


"Just how much is a lost Xbox 360 worth? Could it be $83,333 per week? $11,111 per day? $463 per hour? Make that $1 million total, or how much either an extraordinarily irate or incredibly enterprising Yale film major is suing US Airways for, after someone with the airline allegedly swiped or lost his Xbox 360 on or around December 17, 2008 during a flight from New Haven to Cincinnati. $1 million is the maximum amount allowable by law."

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BrunoM3561d ago

lol damn ....

i kinda dont have wors to say what im thinking lol...

its a bit easier to just buy the guy a new elit or a ps3 lol.. damn ...

some times i get stupid with what people will do ( were they will ) try to get money from were ever it mai be ... last year i lost an ipod touch going from canada to portugal .. i was planing on stay home today but looks like i got alot to do to get my self 1M lol...

timmyrulz3561d ago

Its because of assholes like this guy that insurance preumiums are so high (that as well as Bonuses of 117m dollars)

ShabzS3561d ago

opportunistic bastard eh