X-Play: Resistance: Retribution Review

Ultimately, Retribution doesn't usurp the PS3 entries in this franchise, but it doesn't undermine them either. Instead, it's as solid a side story as God Of War: Chains Of Olympus was to that series. Though, X-Play must admit, your enjoyment all depends on your perspective on the PSP's ideas of FPS-style controls.

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farhsa20083534d ago

not a bad score, if you are a resistance fan i urge you to ge this, have been playing for a few days and it is very good

Jazy783534d ago

how is the multiplayer

Jazy783534d ago

ill have to pick it up

farhsa20083534d ago

well i havent tried multiplayer yet only single player

ceedubya93534d ago

But this is the type of game that would change that. Its nice to see the PSP get a little love every now and then to remind us that its still here.

HB-Sauce3533d ago

By the sounds of it, it's the systems limitations more than anything that are the flaws with the game(lack of a second analog nub for aiming) just from some reviews I've read.