411mania: X-Blades Review

X-Blades is a bargain bin game that for some reason is being sold at full price. It looks cheaply made, has a cheap story, minimal fun, and overall just doesn't seem to be that good. It's sad because this is a game that you can tell the developers obviously took pride in and they really WANTED it to succeed. Sadly there are just too many bugs, flaws, and shortcuts to keep this game from being one of the better beat'em up action titles of the year.

Perhaps if South Peak wants to go forward with an X-Blades 2 that addresses the flaws the first one had it could do better, but as it stands now X-Blades is nothing more than fan service. Fanservice is okay, but fanservice with nothing to back it up just seems tired and old. This isn't 1998 anymore; you can't sell a game solely on boobs and nothing else.

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