1st Details: DJ Max Fever's Platinum Crew

The Portable Gamer writes:

"PM Studios today announced that an online "Platinum Crew" is in the works, which should fill you with excitement and even more reason for convulsive finger twitching. Slated for release in Q3 2009, the Club will act as a sort of DJ Max counterpart to ScoreHero.

When the website becomes available, you will be able to upload score rankings, compare player statistics, and review mission accomplishments. Along with these features, a ranking system will be incorporated so that members will be able to win sweet DJ Max merchandise (And bragging rights, of course). The Holy Grail of these prizes will be a much sought after Limited Edition copy of DJ Max Fever.

We're talking the kind of Limited Edition that isn't sold, and is made just for you."

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bgrundman3535d ago

Wow, there are alot of perks if you get the special edition version of the game.

CrAppleton3535d ago

That's nice to see, as most "Limited Edition" games don't tend to have much limited content

CrAppleton3535d ago

Let the finger cramping ensue