Neocrisis: iPhone 3G Nano Concept

Neocrisis: Designer Isamu Sanada has came up with an interesting concept for the iPhone.

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Final_Rpg3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

I think it looks ugly... What about you guys? too sharp and stabby for my liking. I like the contours on the current Iphone. I do like the return of a steel backing though.

xplosneer3476d ago

I don't know, I actually like the more blockish look, I think it looks a bit more professional, but obviously this would only work with something so slim, or it really would be a block. I however don't really care too much, both of them are good. Still rockin on my Nokia right now anyways.

jay23475d ago

Well, let's wait for what the Big A has planned.