Steam Gets Premium DLC

Valve announced today that their digital gaming service Steam will now support in-game downloadable content for its library of games. Yes, PC gamers, now you too can be charged for another hour or two of gameplay.

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jay23536d ago

Oh RESULT...............

kwicksandz3536d ago

This is a dark day for pc gaming. 1 step closer to console gaming BS

Unicron3536d ago much for the wallet rape subsiding. Thanks DLC.

Proxy3536d ago

I'm afraid Devs will be much less likely to release modding tools in the future.

"We have no plans to support modding, but don't worry, we have plenty of add-ons planned for the future. [We'll even provide a complimentary bottle of Vaseline.]"

SumRandomDude3536d ago

Bottle of Vaseline,hmm...i guess it's not going to hurt as much XD

vlazed3536d ago

I don't think the mod support will end. Who will fix all the broken games PC developers always release, or where will they get their ideas from. At least if they do stop mods then Bethesda can stop making broken games and Valve can come up with their own ideas.

Proxy3536d ago

If people stopped making mods, where would developers get their game ideas? Just like you said.

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Tarmgar3535d ago

My last safe heaven has been Steam for years.... and's been taken away from me.

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