Best-Looking Playstation Games

The original Playstation pioneered 3D visuals on the home console market. Here are five Playstation titles that still shine even by today's standards.

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Danja3564d ago

you must be joking..

Final Fantasy 9 outclasses almost every game on the original Playstation

Spyro : Year of The Dragon should have been included also.

GT2 : looked amazing back then so did Tekken 3 and RE:3

rockleex3564d ago

Ridge Racer Type 4...
Vagrant Story...

sulack3564d ago

How dare they make me go to a second page just for #1

El_Colombiano3564d ago

Advertising money my friend.

killzone2ownsallfps3564d ago

resident evil 3 imo.... the best grapcks of ps

thebudgetgamer3564d ago

i think the crash games still hold up well


sinny3564d ago

Tobal 2 should be in it , that game was a generation ahead of the rest

Sangria3564d ago

The Neverhood / Skullmonkeys was special but very nice graphically. Sure, it wasn't a powerhouse, but it was refreshing to see another graphic method.

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