IGN: Readers Choice: Resident Evil's Best Villains

As part of their continued Resident Evil coverage, IGN brought you Resident Evil's best bosses, as well as a look at the many poor bastards Umbrella files under "The Infected".

IGN noted at the time that there were simply too many RE creatures to fit into one article; too many bosses too rank and file. In the comments section and in their poll, you pointed out some of the monsters you wanted to see make it into a Reader's Choice feature. With that in mind, now they revisit the infected once again. The creatures on this list are the ones you most wanted to see, as well as a few returning favorites from the old list you couldn't seem to get enough of.

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Cwalat3535d ago

William Birkin, NO DOUBT!

I just we could see him in HD, when they release a PS3/360 remake.

=/ but oh well

SpikeSpiegel3535d ago

She repeatedly treats Leon like a sucker and he keeps falling for it every time.