Bionic Commando Trophy List

Get ready to swing your way to Platinum, with Bionic Commando!

Platinum: 1
Gold: 3
Silver: 4
Bronze: 42

Total: 50

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UNCyrus3564d ago

Gold : "I went Commando"....

hahah, that's genious

- Ghost of Sparta -3564d ago

What the hell, are they ever going to update Bionic Commando: Rearmed with trophies? Stupid Capcom.

Cwalat3564d ago

well well well, it's been a while since we heard something from Grin.


Hope it ends up being an awesome game, i will have my eyes open for this one.

Go Sweden :D

UNCyrus3564d ago

They said that they would updated Rearmed with trophies when they released Bionic Commando nextgen...