Thief finds lead roofs with Google Earth

China Daily: "A man has admitted using Google Earth to locate lead roofing for onward sale.

Tom Berge stole £100,000 worth of the metal after using the internet tool to scour London's roof tiles, says The Daily Telegraph."

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40cal3536d ago

That was not necessarily the right use of Google Earth, but this guy did put this free app to good use for himself.

Mikerra173536d ago

what an awesome idea
well im going to go look for atlantis see ya

theKiller3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

no need to blame google!!!! google is just providing us a beautiful and useful tool!! but if people r bad then anything can be used badly!!

for example a fruit knife could also be used to kill somebody!!! so whats the solution? to ban all knifes and including kitchen knifes???

am also sure that many criminals used windows OS and their window office to do many crimes too!!!

ChozenWoan3535d ago

I might have to take a look at Google Earth after all. Find out what I've been missing... literally. ;P