Co-op The New Standard?

"One of the most integral innovations this console generation has to be co-op gaming. It's right up there with networking and dual stick controls. Co-op gaming makes many games that would otherwise be considered average or good, and makes them better. I mean just imagine if Gears of War, Halo 3, Call of Duty World At War, Halo Wars, and the newly released Resident Evil 5 didn't have co-op. Would they still be as genre defining experiences? These games might still be great, but co-op pushes them to the elite status of their respective genres. With the recent release of Guerrilla Game's Killzone 2, one of the main gripes from the media and gamers alike is the lack of co-op play in the game. Granted, no media outlet marked down Killzone 2 because of the lack of co-op campaign, but they certainly are insinuating that it would have received higher scores. My question is how do we know what games require co-op?? And should co-op gaming be the new standard?"

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NegativeCreepWA3536d ago

The more co-op games that come out the happier I am.

Nick2120043536d ago

I definitely feel that more games should support co-op.

Cwalat3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

The thing is, Coop seems to ruin games more than helping them IMO.
All we ever wanted was another mode during campaign where a friend could jump in at any time. This has made all the devs confused and they think we want games that prioritizes COOP as a whole. Look at RE for example, a single player game built for scaring the one player who has the controller.

Resistance: Fall of man had an EXCELLENT splitscreen mode, Halo 2 had an EXCELLENT splitscreen mode. Why?

Because they gave us the one thing we wanted, when friends come over... They can also play. BUT it never ruined the gameplay in itself. It kept the same tention that a single player would experience.

It began with Army of Two, Everything from ground up was built for COOP. What negative effect did it have? Well, when you are alone and play with AI controlled partner the game fails terribly, the same goes for RE5. When you play singleplayer, you WANT that singleplayer experience. A game built for coop from groundup will never give you that experience.

What i'm trying to say, is that devs should never build a game JUST for coop, EVEN though an AI partner is at hand. RE5, with CHRIS alone as an extra mode would've been SOO MUCH better. How would they do this from a developers point of view? Every time a cutscene is about to pop, let there be a mini section where you meat up with Sheva. That way, you won't wonder how she can pop up during cutscenes all the time.

COOP ruined RE5,
1. Putting in an extra player will automatically make it more action, devs had little to do with the fact that RE5 is more action than previous games. Because it doesn't matter what they do, in th RE universe, you need to be alone inorder to feel frightened.

2. 2 players means more enemies, more hectic. This can end up being so hectic that the storyline becomes an afterthought more than something you follow. This wouldn't be such a big deal if you still could play singplayer campaign without an extra AI partner, but that's not the case in RE5.

3. 2 players means more ammo, because of the extra enemies. Which basically ends up feeling like a twisted Nazi Zombies/Left for Dead game, because of the high tention and hectic situations. RE was never about having SOO MUCH ammo, it was about tactically choose when to shoot and not to shoot... it was about saving ammo.

I think devs shouldn't dig so deep into the COOP implementation, they just end up overdoing it and it will only mess up the experience.

Just give us a normal splitscreen mode.

Gue13536d ago

It should but not for games like RE5...

norkee3536d ago

Do you remember contra or double dragon? Coop was proven back then. Why does everything think this is a new concept. IMO coop should be in every game. If they don't include coop then I don't every play it with my real friends. you know gamers aren't all friendless loners who only play games with people online!

ChickeyCantor3535d ago


Some writers are just ignorant.
Its actually the damn online play that pushed "single-player" games, forgetting the co-up/2 player mode( especially on local use).

SoapShoes3536d ago

Co-op works in some games, but I will *censored*Poo*censored* bricks if they add it to Uncharted 2 or God of War 3. It would absolutely ruin those games unless they find some magical way to implement it without having Co-op restricting gameplay.