Gametart Releases Wii!

We all saw it at Christmas. Everyone was desperate for a Wii. And even more than normal, it became every mother's worst nightmare to hear their child say, "mummy, I need a Wii!"

A couple of months have now passed and it's no longer unusual for people to happily have a Wii in their living room. But just as you think the excitement has died down and that there is no more Wii left to come out – Gametart, the UK's largest games rental service releases some more!

From 12/03/07 you will be able to rent every single game available for the Wii from

To celebrate, they're offering two complete weeks of free Wii games – no catches, no tie-ins. Just type "WII" into the promo code box at, enter a few details and wait for the games to turn on your doorstep.

And now for the worst pun yet: With this free offer you can "unleash your Wii" without "spending a penny"!

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