Windows Live announced

Microsoft today announced the launch of the Xbox Live service for the Windows platform. Debuting on May 8, 2007, with the launch of the Windows Vista version of the Xbox blockbuster "Halo 2," Games for Windows LIVE will connect Windows gamers to over six million gamers already in the Xbox LIVE community. Then, launching in June, "Shadowrun" will for the first time connect Windows gamers with Xbox 360 players in cross-platform matches using a single service. "UNO," releasing later in 2007, will also support cross-platform play between Windows and Xbox 360.

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Black Republican4264d ago

this is AWESOME
that means more ppl for online play with xbox
: )
and its only 50 a year


r10004264d ago

This is good... Now I really don't need to get a 360 ;)

MySwordIsHeavenly4264d ago

Dude, I'd watch it. You'll lose bubbles for that! haha.

Yeah...this is great news for some people. I honestly think that Xfire and Steam are freakin' WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY better though. Oh, and one more thing. They're FREE!

Live will work with new PC gamers. It won't work with current PC gamers because they already pay for WOW...why pay for some service that's outdone by a free service? It's like switching from the newest Linux to Vista. There's just no comparison. That aero design has been on Linux for like 10 years! Oh, and the penguin games ROCK!


Black Republican4264d ago

did u know microsoft has been working on Vista since 1995???
yes other O.S. have came out before Vista, But most of those things were already being worked on and Vista had already and just was not release. At the end of the say it's Microsoft's own fault though.

Anyway Microsoft's new O.S. Windows Vienna is coming out in about 2-3 years.
I think Vista is ok but Vienna will just be the next thing...
I think Vista as kind of Windows ME.

Grown Folks Talk4264d ago

it's for cross platform gaming. it's a unified system. you're not going to sign up for windows live to play your old copy of counter strike online. it's not trying to compete with other pc services, it's adding a service to expand xbox live and allow more people to play common games together. you don't have to get windows live to continue your normal pc gaming habits. if somebody really doesn't want it, they won't get it. it's not that tough.

DEIx15x84264d ago

Does anyone know if games like UNO are going to be free to download on PC if you own them on 360?

Smellslikepie4263d ago

No, I don't think so. Geometry Wars wasn't free on the PC for me, despite owning it on 360.

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