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Submitted by HDgamer 2526d ago | article

Deaths of gamers leave their online lives in limbo

Yahoo news writes "When Jerald Spangenberg collapsed and died in the middle of a quest in an online game, his daughter embarked on a quest of her own: to let her father's gaming friends know that he hadn't just decided to desert them.

It wasn't easy, because she didn't have her father's "World of Warcraft" password and the game's publisher couldn't help her. Eventually, Melissa Allen Spangenberg reached her father's friends by asking around online for the "guild" he belonged to.

One of them, Chuck Pagoria in Morgantown, Ky., heard about Spangenberg's death three weeks later. Pagoria had put his absence down to an argument among the gamers that night." (Culture, Tech)

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Gun_Senshi  +   2527d ago
Its just a online people who you play with, they are NOT friends -.-

And specifically for WoW, they are just pawns to help you get Raid gear.

Though if they are IRL Friends thats another story
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Panthers  +   2526d ago
Ive met some really cool people playing Socom that I ended up meeting in real life. So I understand. I mean you automatically have something in common if you are playing the same game.
drewdrakes  +   2526d ago
Ive met a bunch of awesome friends on Xbox Live. Its to the point where all the single player games i like go into neglect. Although theyre great, i just have a better time online.
Mikerra17  +   2526d ago
I played games for many years
Ive played MMOs with a person for 5 years that I met playing EQ2 we moved on to WoW and went back to EQ2, he died of a heart condition on christmas.
Until you can say something like this has happened to you, you shouldent speak of things you dont know
FarEastOrient  +   2526d ago
@Gun Senshi

Listen to "The Instance Podcast" and look for the episode marked special tribute. If you haven't gotten that close or enjoyed the time of being around certain people than you are in no position to lower generalize other people as mere pawns. I've played with this Australian and another an Irish far longer than anyone else on my friend's list.

I'm an American so finding if anything happened to them will be really hard and for those that know what I'm talking about will agree that loosing a fellow gamer is a big deal.
f789790  +   2526d ago
I only play online games with my "real life" friends
Anyone else is too impersonal. Plus you cant remind how you destroyed them the next day in person.
AuToFiRE  +   2526d ago
I have to disagree with you, There are people on the computer who will eventually mean a lot, maybe even more than some people you actually know in real life, ive been sent christmas and birthday gifts by numerous WoW players that i used to play with, Hell, Ive even had sexual relations with some of them too.

NeX, who frequents N4G is a really good friend, like a brother to me and vise versa, and we met here on N4G, weve never met in person either.

there is more to online players than one might think, you see a part of them that you wouldnt see in person, normally in person someone may be shy, but online they can be who they want, a courageous knight defending those he cares about
Confused  +   2527d ago
if I died while postling on N4G, none of you guys would give a fu........
evrfighter  +   2526d ago
I personally wouldn't give a fu....
UltimateIdiot911  +   2526d ago

Fellow N4G follower down. Does anyone know where we can find a phoenix down?
Kulupoo  +   2526d ago
I would shed a single man tear
nah... not really...
Confused  +   2526d ago
haha! thanks for the support guys! i'm off 2 top myself now :)
gambare  +   2526d ago
The obliged question for a fellow N4G buddy down would be:

"Did he drop a good loot?"
Enigma_2099  +   2526d ago
... and you are... ?
Fencefry  +   2526d ago
That reminds me...
Bubble Buddy  +   2526d ago
Don't worry, I'm a medic, I can heal you back to life. :)
sukru  +   2526d ago
Come on
Who cares about games, after you... die?

I seem to have missed something, but isn't real life more important than games? At least the life and death part???
Skizelli  +   2526d ago
I think you missed the point. It's not about the games themselves. I've met some good people online from around the world that I've never met in person, but talk to on a regular basis, whether during games or on chat protocols, and I'd personally like to know if something tragic has happened to one of them. Just because you've never met somebody doesn't mean you can't share a bond with them.
mirroredderorrim  +   2526d ago
jerethdagryphon  +   2526d ago
not just games
a online deathnote system would be of use for anyon who deals with a lot of email riends and such when my mother died i had to hack her email, then igure out who she was currently talking to and compose emails to them people i didnt even know.

being able to logint to a single place which had digital wishes for ino upon my death would have been easy

prewritten notes or something
but its a good idea
G4drake  +   2526d ago
so, she didn,t care for her father? what a douche(i know i sound like a douche too)
Mutley416  +   2526d ago
I`ve made alot of friends online and my phone rings @ work and @ home with there calls...and when they disappear...we say "I wonder what happen to..." Usually they lose there jobs in this economy, and can`t afford the internet

but good gamers, are hard to find, and are always missed in my book-

FantasyStar  +   2526d ago
That's kind of creepy. But if there's a demand for a virtual mortuary, then it shall be done. I can never guess what it would be like to have an online friend who "disappeared", but I suppose ignorance is bliss in this case.
BLUE SKY IN GAMES  +   2526d ago
I wish morganfell would hurry up and die! He is by far the most ignorant prick on this site.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2526d ago
I can't imagine being online and not getting a note from EvilDoomNerd, Romemac7, or LoveHateTragedy...

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