PS3 contributes to global warming?

Savvy PR folks know that if they issue a press release filled with all kinds of high-profile buzzwords such as "energy conservation" or "PS3" that they can also get all kinds of free exposure by riding on the coat-tails of popular people, places or things. Such is the case with little known company, sust-it, who has issued a PR on the eve of the PS3's European launch to warn gamers everywhere of the literal and figurative cost of powering your gaming habit.

"Have you pre-ordered your PlayStation 3 yet? If you have sust-it recommends you top-up the pre-payments on your electricity account at the same time. The US version of the PS3 comes with a whopping 380 Watt power supply. That's over twice as much as its main competitor the Xbox 360 with its 165W unit, and over seven times more power hungry than the PlayStation 2. If you were to combine a PS3 with a LG 71" HD Ready Plasma TV to take full advantage of the amazing graphics you could be burning 1.4kWh (kilowatts) of power per hour and if you're a serious gamer that could cost you £1.19 for a five hour session."

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techie4296d ago

So it's only a supercomputer in power consumption...

Bebedora4295d ago

Why does the PS3 need more power than any other console?

I think you are on to something here. ;)

soccerstar4296d ago

It may come with a 380 watt power supply doesnt mean its always using all of that. Learn about how computers work before you go bashing on any console. This is the actual power consuption of each console

sajj3164296d ago

soccerstar, great reply! A bubble for you my friend.

So far this week, I've heard the PS3 causing erectile dysfunction and global warming. What next? So since I got a PS3, I should balance it out (eco-sensitive lifestyle) by getting a Toyota Prius.

FordGTGuy4296d ago

I'm going to have to take the PS3's side on this one because every piece of electronic in your house hold contributes to global warming and to just go after one is retarded.

Torch4296d ago

NOW I've heard everything.

Merovee4296d ago (Edited 4296d ago )

Or you could possibly NOT drive an SUV or Pick-up for a week and power your PS3, 360 and Wii for a year.

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The story is too old to be commented.