Old and new Tomb Raider side-by-side

Part 2 of Games Radar's Tomb Raider Anniversary coverage. Crystal Dynamics game designer Jason Botta talk us through the changes the team has made to one of the original Tomb Raider's most memorable levels - the Lost Valley.

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OldSchoolGamer4297d ago (Edited 4297d ago )

wrong story

Andronix4297d ago

there definately seems to be a major contrast with the new version looking much better.
But what isnt made clear is what 2 versions are being compared...
It looks like the old PS1 version with a new PC version - hardly fair is it?
They should compare to new PS2.

(unless of course the new is the ps2 version but beautiful looking)

InMyOpinion4297d ago

Old Pc with new Pc probably. The resolution in the original one is too high to be ps1.

Rasputin20114297d ago

I agree with you's not clear which 2 are being compared so I really couldn't care less about this/these articles.

deathtok4297d ago (Edited 4297d ago )

The article has "PS2 Features" as part of the title.

BIadestarX4297d ago

I still prefer her original stick-legs and pointing boobs... wow.. sexy...