POWET.TV's 'Dead or Alive Movie' review

POWET.TV's 'Dead or Alive Movie' review, recommend older audience.

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Bad_Karma4055d ago

The guy doing the review is very funny .. might be just me sense of humor though lol .

OldSchoolGamer4055d ago

The review was funny and I figure lots of game footage, definitely counts, many a jiggles lol.

grifter0244055d ago

:( My speakers for some reason sound like feedback ... When I watch something on the Internet I hear feedback but the movies I have on my harddrive dont and I can hear ... Whats up!!

OldSchoolGamer4055d ago

You may need to update your sound card drivers, I would also check on the cables and verify all are connected to right inputs, as they may work fine for somethings but not all. I would highly recommend checking driver updates though.

grifter0244054d ago

dang Old thanks its a laptop and Ill check for those drive updates right now thanks man...