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10 Games That Deserve Sequels and Remakes

If you saw last years line up of games, you would have noticed a LOT of sequels came out. Far Cry 2, Gears of War 2, GTA IV, Call of Duty 5, Fallout 3... the list seemed endless. Some were good, some only average. Some may have tarnished the reputation of their series beyond repair. It's just the risk developers take when they choose to continue a tried-but-true game type. (Culture)

C_SoL  +   2145d ago
oh man the memories....
mechwarrior 2...

my first game for the playstation one......i was 6 years old.....

downloading torrent right now.
Freak of Nature  +   2145d ago
Well my memory goes way back.....

For me games off the top of my head would be......

Abes Oddysee or anything ODDWORLD
Another JAK game...
Kingdom hearts PS360
Earthworm JIM
Rayman 4
Skull monkeys
Panzer Dragoon
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Tony P  +   2144d ago
More than remakes, it's absolutely criminal that so many games NEED sequels. I'm not talking about games I would enjoy another addition to. I mean games that physically CUT OFF at a cliffhanger or were announced as a series only to falter and fade into obscuria.

XIII & Legacy of Kain are good ones.

My sequel suggestions: Shenmue, KOTOR, Advent Rising

As for remakes...I would LOVE Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mysteria on XBLA/PSN. Even if it's just a port with added online multiplayer functionality. It seems absolutely perfect for it. Capcom, WOTC: make this happen.
UltraNova  +   2144d ago
So many to chose from..
My first choice is Shadow of the Colossus, just the shear scale of that game is unbelievable, not to mention its simple yet powerful story. With the power of ps3 under the hood this game would be a killer!

One other game is the darkness... The story and the whole idea of the game was brilliant. I would say it defiantly deserves a sequel.
rockleex  +   2143d ago
KKanjiAnkh  +   2145d ago
Me personally
The Bouncer sequel
Metal Arms sequel
Mark the Garou sequel
Shinobi sequel
Oh and of coures Final Fantasy VII Remake
Lich120  +   2145d ago
Farcry 2?
While, it has a sequels name, the game itself was completely different than the original farcry which was a great game and looked amazing at the time. It came out of nowhere and made the yet to be released Doom 3 look much less impressive as a power house game. Guess thats unrelated, but I really liked the original farcry.
Sangria  +   2145d ago
Legacy Of Kain and Vampire Bloodlines are probably my highest wishes in terms of sequels, i love them.
The-Director  +   2145d ago
Black from the PS2, one of the best shooters on that console.
Tony P  +   2144d ago
Oh yeah, they really need to do a Black 2 already. Pretty good game and it has plenty of room to grow. Also, the story cut off abruptly at the end there. :/

Hopefully, that rumour going around will bear fruit in a 2009 announcement for Black: Second Mission.
ParanoidMonkey  +   2144d ago
No Shenmue III? Are you kidding me?
That needs to happen a millennium before a FFVII remake.
edonus  +   2144d ago
Mine would be...
Panzer Dragoon Saga
Crimson Skies
Power Stone
Shadows of the Empire
Perfect Dark
Eternal Champions
Comic Zone
Sly Cooper
marichuu  +   2144d ago
A proper version of Bloodlines, yes please!
This is one of those games I just keep coming back to, and it's incredible how there are still unofficial patches getting released.
ThichQuangDuck  +   2144d ago
Hitman 5
Freedom Fighters
Shadow Of Colossus
XIII(because multiplayer was beast)
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory( notice I didnt say double agent, double agent single player was good but multiplayer needs to go back to the roots and no bourne style a la splinter cell conviction currently)

Those are just what I can think of off the top of my head but are amazing games
r2kcipher  +   2144d ago
i would love to play a new freedom fighters. the multipayer was so fun (would be better if it was online) and the story was great (kinda ripped from the movie red dawn but who cares) along with the gameplay.

one of the most memorable moments in my gaming history was recapturing the tv station building. then watching chris's speech after.

this game was underrated and definitely deserves a sequel.
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PotNoodle  +   2144d ago
The getaway
TenSteps  +   2144d ago
Games in my opinion deserves
1. Folklore
2. Valkyria Chronicles
3. Jak and Daxter

1. Brigandine
2. Legend of Legaia
3. Final Fantasy VIII
pippoppow  +   2144d ago
Mechwarrior, Wing Commander, Magic Carpet, Shining Force, Phantasy Star, Shadowrun (3D sandbox style sequel), Out Of This World, X-Com.

While I don't think every great game should get a sequel it would be nice to see some get a current gen makeover. Also, while a FF7 remake would be nice I'd prefer a sequel instead that would take place after Advent Children which would tie up and put to bed the FF7 universe nicely.
Bigbangbing  +   2144d ago
Only 2 ...


SotC :"(
caffman  +   2144d ago
only one for me
x-wing vs tie fighter,prefer it on PC but settle for xbox 360
KyonoRocks  +   2144d ago
Come on guys


It's criminal that hasn't been made yet, think of all the awesome possibilities for it on a next gen console
Guy169  +   2144d ago
Oh gawd I can't believe what's at the first place. Ugh.

There were just so many better games, rpgs in particular.
Myst  +   2144d ago
Why Final Fantasy VII..? That pretty much is always a given and almost always on people's minds so why not branch it out and say a different game..? For example maybe a Phantasy Star :)? As for remake wise gimme power stone 2 or if capcom wants start working on Power Stone 3!
bym051d  +   2144d ago
They missed Blast Corps.
skip2mylou  +   2144d ago
i dont know what the hype was about for Far Cry 2 i played it on my pc and i got bored with it so i sold it on ebay
Cheeky Gamer  +   2144d ago
Abe, come back. Please!
killnotic  +   2144d ago
I'd demand a sequel to Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay, but we're kinda already getting that. So I guess I'll go with sequels to Psi-Ops and Breakdown.
greyfox235  +   2144d ago
final fantasy 8 remake
WindSlayer  +   2144d ago
I cant wait for TimeSplitters4 to be unleashed.
it will also be nice if they actually made a sequel to Warhawk which im not sure if they confirmed that yet
yog-sothot  +   2144d ago
quite a good list... I'd like to see a Psychonaut's sequel too. And a TRUE successor to Baldur's Gate 2.
jerethdagryphon  +   2144d ago
ill get flamed
but i honestly would like to see a remake of tresspasser keeping all the good elements like the fully foley and physics system and parts of the hand system but changing the gaphics and such a shot or shot remake would be nice make it longer and restore some of the pzzles and such but yea thats my main one.
Relientk77  +   2143d ago
- Timesplitters (4 needs to come out)
- Abes Oddessy
- Legend of Dragoon (if they r actually making a sequel)
- Brave Fencer Musashi (the 2nd was terrible)
- Grandia
- Rogue Galaxy
- Breath of Fire
- Kill.Switch (one of the most underrated shooters ever)

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