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PlayStation Sex Crime: Criminal Used Video Game to Get Girl's Naked Pictures

ABC News wrote: "Prosecutors in Houston say they have tracked down and arrested a man who allegedly committed an online sex crime -- though technically he didn't even have a computer.

All he needed, the prosecutors say, was a game console -- a Sony PlayStation 3." (PS3)

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Elven6  +   2113d ago
Disgusting, lets see how the media runs with this.
Lord Anubis  +   2113d ago
"Playstation man Rapes girls through Playstation 3"
PirateThom  +   2113d ago
"PlayStation Pervert"

Keep it simple
Lord Anubis  +   2113d ago
as if the media keeps things simple
Godmars290  +   2113d ago
"as if the media keeps things simple"
They do. That's the problem.
gambare  +   2113d ago
mm.... I also have pics of my girl on my PS3, she's 25 but that makes me evil too?
Elven6  +   2113d ago
Gambare: Pic's or it didn't happen!

Jokes aside, I think the reason for concern is the fact that she was underage and her parents allowed such things to happen. Surely something should have raised a flag.
Buttons  +   2113d ago
Let's all conveniently forget about all the times this has happened through MySpace and blame it on video games (again).
El_Colombiano  +   2113d ago
I agree with Elven6. Pics!
Johnny Rotten  +   2113d ago
@ Buttons
no kidding, last month My Space removed around 90,000 sex offenders from their site.

Here's a quick google search:
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LoVeRSaMa  +   2112d ago
"Man rapes girl with PlayStation 3"

That will be next, here we good the Media is like a water park with lots of slides.
Real Gambler  +   2112d ago
Dang, soon your toaster will let you surf the net!
On one side: Cell phones (most with camera!), Ipods, Kitchen appliances (LG fridges), netbooks, soon everything will be connected to the internet...

On the other side, an 11 year old girl stripping in front of a pure stranger... (and managed to take a picture of herself, and send it with a game console... Not bad, since it's not so easy!)

Somehow, the parents where definitively not watching her surfing habit much for sure. Internet is here to stay, and will be available for more and more appliances in a house. Only thing to do now is set filters and WATCH your kids. Not so sure those parents were.... Didn't take 2 minutes for the whole ordeal to happen!
Gam71  +   2112d ago
After all the times ps fanboys have attacked xbl when this happens lets see them now prove they arent hypocrites and attack £ony and psn.

Oh wait...
whateva  +   2113d ago
Why is a 11 year old taking nude pictures of her self?
that's another question!
pixelsword  +   2113d ago
That's the ONLY question
The parents should also be questioned.
gambare  +   2113d ago
I think pixel hit the nail on the head, usually in this cases the parents are involved too, but that could be part of the police investigation.
Cajun Chicken  +   2113d ago
F**king sick.
But what is there to stop this type of thing, unfortunatly, there isn't really anything to do.
Fact is that people below my age have been pretty much absorbed with the internet at a very early age and don't worry about personal details. I mean, look at the things that people post on Myspace and Facebook and adding random people who 'seem nice' as friends. The majority of parents don't seem to care, leave the kids entertained with a PC/Console and don't realise that the internet is NOT a safe place.
No doubt as with every tale of pedos on consoles, the media is going to enjoy spinning this one.
AuToFiRE  +   2113d ago
Whats sad is this happens almost everyday, its happened several times so far on the xbox, but this is the first time on a PS3 i have ever heard of
PotNoodle  +   2113d ago
The power of the cell.

EDIT: :| Just read, an 11 year old girl? Not funny..
SiLeNt KNighT  +   2113d ago
nah, ill give it ya. that was pretty funny. im with 'whateva', why does this 11yo girl have naked photos in the first place? i guess we should look at the bright side, she didnt have the eyetoy! Not to make a joke of this but people are just getting ridiculous these days. Children don't get dumber and I sure as hell know I would never do something like that at that age. Horrible parents imo. We should see if the Power of Cell can implant good parenting skills to stupid people.
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DNAgent  +   2113d ago
Joke article.
"They allege that the man, Anthony Scott Oshea of Somerset, Ky., persuaded an 11-year-old girl in Houston to e-mail nude pictures of herself from her PlayStation to his."

There aren't any 11 year olds on PS3. I think the media got their news twisted yet again and thinks that Sony = Microsoft & that PS3 = 360 in this article. Either that, or the guy he was really talking to posed as an 11 year old just like people go into adult chat room pretending they are under 13 for lulz.
Elven6  +   2113d ago
So much wrong with your logic I don't know where to begin.

With over 20 million users on the PSN are you telling me NOT A SINGLE ONE is under the age of 13? And why exactly can it not be the PS3?
Shadow Man  +   2113d ago
Are you that stupid?
Eiffel  +   2113d ago
Its okay...sorry everyone just an angry fanboy...keep it moving.

Hopefully N4G will have a sh1t filter for people like DNAgent.
DNAgent if you're going to post such statements might want to back it up. Out of 20 million users on PSN I'm sure some are under aged. A person with head trauma could figure that out in a instant.
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jessehaysfl  +   2113d ago
what a piece of $hit
hope bubba finds him quick, oh and what parent buys there kid a digital camera or worse a ps eye then a ps3 and lets them hook the two together....come on parents do a little research....however that being said this guy is scum and deserves to be beaten about the head and neck with blunt instruments. what a scumbag.
jessehaysfl  +   2113d ago
wow i guess i should have just read highatus' comment and agreed. we said almost the same thing.
poopface1  +   2113d ago
I know its not right
but why is an 11 year old girl taking nude pics of herself. Do kids nowadays have no common sense? The guys a pedo and the girl seems like a little slut. put those two together and it cant be good.
Bathyj  +   2113d ago
I was chatting to 16 year old girl. She started getting all dirty and sleazy. Then she told me she was an undercover cop.

How cool a job is that for a girl her age?
Bathyj  +   2113d ago
Yes, that was a joke.

I though I'd better clarify that for the slower amongst you less you grab your torches and pitchforks.
cayal  +   2113d ago
With unfunny 'jokes' like that, I wouldn't be accusing anyone of being slow if I were you.
NegativeCreep427  +   2113d ago
@ Cayal
Shut the F up and try removing that 10 ft. long stick from your a$$ once in a while.

Lighten the hell up!!!
cayal  +   2113d ago
uh right? who are you?
Bathyj  +   2113d ago
Really, I thought it was hilarious when first I heard it.

Anyway, I'd rather be facetious, then just a flat out jerk. If I didn't explain it was a joke I would have had a different group of idiots accusing me of being a molester. I mean look at his avatar, he must be evil......
anubis12  +   2113d ago
go playstation go
xg-ei8ht  +   2113d ago
He should have at least waited till she was 12. PERV./

On a more serious note.

He faces upto 99years. Wtf is with the judical system. Just make it 100years. Your not selling hamburgers.
MGOelite  +   2113d ago
i for one have been flashed on burnout paradise via psn (a girl not a boy, no jokes neccisary) by this girl who looked about 20 and the next half hour was great lol 7 cars all chasing down the 1 girl just for a mug shot, she was pretty gud btw very hard to catch and take down when in a monster truck
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Elven6  +   2113d ago
Pics or it didn't happen.
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ZombieNinjaPanda  +   2113d ago
Why would she want to do that at that age anyway?
AKNAA  +   2113d ago
the media is gonna look at the PS3 the wrong way...again..
Way to make us playstation owners look bad!! F**Kin' dumba$$!!

Get ready for the media to attack Sony...
Expy  +   2113d ago
What don't people get about Sony PLAYSTATION 3 COMPUTER Entertainment System? It's not JUST a gaming console. And it's not really a PLAYSTATION 3 sex crime, it's an online sex crime using PS3's to access the internet.
ViperX2  +   2113d ago
dumb a$$
"though technically he didn't even have a computer"... what an idiot, the PS3 is a computer, just because it's not a PC doesn't make it not a computer.
Ethreon  +   2112d ago
At least he had the right console, hope he managed to advertise ps3 to his other pedo-buddies.

"PS3, it's so easy to use, that even an 11-year old girl can use it!"
Sangria  +   2112d ago
A friend (girl) received a pic of a naked man, including his... while she was only on Home,. Some person are just huge dumbasses, whatever it's on PS3 or 360.
ChozenWoan  +   2112d ago
I find it interesting
that it's considered a console based crime when it's on the PS3, but not so much so when it's on Xbox. This is the first time I've heard of such a thing happening on the PS3, but I've heard of it being pretty common on Live. Then again, Sony just opened up it's community portion of PSN aka Home so it was only a mater of time before this sort of thing happened.

I guess we can all agree that Sony now has a real online community thanks to PSN Home.
Elven6  +   2112d ago
I was thinking this was either in Home or on his PS3 via Linux, the story does say he got rid of his PC so he probably installed Linux on his PS3 and used that as his primary "PC", of course not everyone knows that can happen so when they see a PS3 in his workstation they will obviously claim it was on his PS3 before doing more research.
panasonic23  +   2112d ago
play beyond with 11 year old girls playstation

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