Wright Predicts Future Through Games

Noted game developer Will Wright keynoted the South by Southwest Interactive conference on Tuesday. The 2800-seat auditorium was filled by technorati and web experts, many seeing Spore for the first time. They were predominately stunned by the on-stage demonstration, and excitement rippled through the slacker 2.0 audience.

Music filled the time before the keynote, Wright's mix ranged from Brian Eno-style procedural electronica, to Major Tom. As the music concluded, blogger Justin Hall took the stage to introduce the speaker, concluding "So now Will Wright is building a simulation of the universe. Wow. Will Wright!"

Wright took the stage in a muscle shirt, and with one arm in a sling. "I broke my arm skiing, because everyone keeps asking," he began. He said he'd planned on giving a talk on storytelling, because he viewed South by Southwest as a film festival thing, turning into "an interactive thing."

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