Phil Harrison reveals additional Home details

MTV News' Stephen Totilo has managed to glean new details from Sony's Phil Harrison on their megaton PlayStation 3 announcement, Home.

The initial plan with Home is to start with apartments for users, then go on to outdoors, houses, gardens, neighborhoods. Currently, 16 people will be allowed in one apartment at any given time, although that limit is being tweaked. As for lobbies, which will be "infinitely spawned by the number of users online," 64 will be the limit. A search function will be included to help users find their friends online.

As to concerns whether the social aspect of Home will take away from time spent gaming, Harrison sees that as a non-issue. "I think that you shouldn't lose sight that home is all about games and creating social interaction between gamers ... [Home is] a springboard to a deeper gaming experience," he said.

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Grown Folks Talk4270d ago

incorporate speech recognition into their dashboard. i can use my headset, give a command (find papa smurf), and it automatically goes to that persons profile. use it to scroll through options, ect. just say music, and it goes to your player. say memory, and it allows you to delete files and what not. just my personal thought. they would have to figure a solid way to keep general speech from affecting it though. wouldn't want to accidently delete something because you talk to your wife. i don't know how well home will take off, but if it makes it easier to interact with other users, it can't be too bad.

techie4270d ago

That could be pretty easily enabled. I use speech recognition on my computer - you do have to train it for a while to understand your accent etc. - i think they are better at that now. But still it seems possible.

techie4270d ago

Lol I despise that word in it's common use "awesome". It even rubbed off onto the brit LittleBigPlanet developers.

If Home was awesome - it would be like going into space and seeing the sun rise above the earth and you can see galaxy's and stars in the background. Now that is awesome. "inspiring awe". That is unless you think Home has that affect....

timmyp534270d ago

you know.. you dont have to go to the virtual world for the home feature.. everything in the V. World can be done on the XMB(xbox oriented gamers.)if you dont want to use the hd characters and go to someones house to check out their rooms.. thats nice for you..and if your lazy you dont even have to walk.. you can skip through it...Sims..thats a lame comparison.

TheGoodMART4270d ago

If you don't like it you don't have to use it

lil bush4270d ago

home got alot of things going for it.

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