Mass Effect (XBox 360) Preview takes a deeper look at BioWare's upcoming RPG for the XBox 360. Will it set a new standard like KOTOR before it or simply fail to impress the jaded 360 fanbase?

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calderra3850d ago

Mind-numbing graphics? Check.
Awesome story full of intrigue? Check.
Fun-looking combat system? Check.

Hopefully it just can't go wrong.

ben hates you3849d ago

i'm very satisfied with the previews game style and the story looks decent i'm ready for it.

gogators3849d ago

between Mass Effect and Forza's release, otherwise lets bring it on already.

FirstknighT3849d ago

GDC has already called Mass Effect Game of the Year for 2007. Cant wait for this bad boy.

Keyser3849d ago

This will be very interesting. Hopefully the story isn't too sci fi where you're wondering what's going on. You hope that the story brings the viewer som attachment to the characters plight.

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