Devs of Second Life find PS Home flattering...

While attending GDC last week, PSU had the chance to stop by the Linden Lab booth, developers behind Second Life, and talk with Jeff Luan about his thoughts on the Phil Harrison keynote and, more importantly, PlayStation Home.

"Mimicry is the greatest form of flattery for us," said Luan.

Luan believes that "Home" will be great for console gamers, but what Sony is doing really won't have an affect on Second Life due to Second Life being on PC and it being targetted whole different market of users.

Perhaps "Home" won't have an affect on Second Life, but how will it affect Xbox Live and the Wii? Bringing almost unlimited options to PlayStation gamers in creating their character, earning trophys, or decking out their pad. I guess only time will tell.

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blackmagic81034292d ago

how long has second life been out. because sony said that this has been in the works for years. i mean come on it would have to be

Tut4292d ago

The offical Second Life website says that it was released to the public in 2003.

Lucidmantra4292d ago

dohhh so they cant say second life ripped off sony???? <cries>

everything comes from somewhere... why does some necropost from 2000 whatever prove completely Sony (of the alliwantforchristmasisapspandi fame) has been working years on this.

dont get it twisted i think home looks awesome but you know what at least admit sony was inspired by something and didnt just wake up and drewam home in its entirety with game achievement based trophies, avatars (miis or sony miis are nothing new at all..)

some people seriously need to get off their fanboi horses and say you know what... coool... good job sony... good job xbox team, good job nintendo... i like all the consoles and i may have a favorite but you know what we are all much happier after our ps2's,gamecubes and xboxes to have the new stuff and it is kicking serious ash over the last gen and will only get better.

MrFurious4291d ago (Edited 4291d ago )

I have noticed a strange hidden name behind "Linden Lab", if you re-construct it based on phonetics it is closed to: "Bin Laden" !!!!!!! the US CIA member ! Wouah, terrific!

(funny post)

HighPs3v24291d ago

Some of you take it upon yourselves to defend them when they clearly dont care.

Get over it, Sony did something, not only right, but pretty amazing.

Cant wait to Beta!