Rumor: Condemned sequel sentenced for fall?

UK retailer has a listing for Condemned 2 and is currently taking pre-orders on the title, stating the release date as November 30th 2007. The date could simply be just some random "Fall 2007" timeframe so they can rack up some money now with pre-orders. Their "review" of the title is the in depth and thorough "A superb sequel of brilliantly brutal bloody hand to hand brawling...". Monolith hasn't officially announced a sequel, although the ending definitely did leave a lot of questions unanswered.

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Rasputin20114295d ago

I am currently playing Condemned and its awesome...I haven't finished it as of yet so I don't know of this open ending...but I will definitely purchase a sequel IF this news is true.

THAMMER14295d ago (Edited 4295d ago )

This game is Kick @ss. I just finished it last week. I played it throughout on hard. This game is exhausting ya dig. But it is well worth it. Condemed 2 is very welcome in my book.

PS360PCROCKS4295d ago

Hell yeah make a sequel first one was kidna like Fear and was way CREEPY

silent ninja4295d ago

needs to be hyped if it coming this summer

grifter0244295d ago

Needs to be hyped??? I dont think so bro.... The first game freaked the hell out of me 1!! When I first played it first 15 min's was with the lights turned off and sourround sound pumping...After that first 15 min's The lights came back on in a hurry and I put on the subtitles.... THis game is crazy but it's a game you have to keep playing... Just think Condemned was a launch title and it looked that good... Just imagine the new one ohh man that will be some scary gaming.... Remember in the Dept Store the Manequins Ohh man I cant stop freaking out about that part... I use to go to the mall at night maybe an hour before closing so I wouldnt have to worry about the crowds but after playing that game I was at the mall and I could have sworn one of them moved so now I go in the morning.. LOL Scarrry!!! When the game comes out hopefully it comes out on Halloween it would be a nice date.

silent ninja4295d ago

i ment they should market it

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