BREAKING: Utah Senate Passes Video Game Bill

The bill, originally drafted by disbarred Miami attorney Jack Thompson, was amended in the Utah Senate prior to this evening's vote.

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thebudgetgamer3448d ago

slow down with the language


poindat3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

Oh man, wow. Watch yourself, that might be too much even for the Open Zone. That was some pretty heavy stuff there.

TheDude2dot03448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

I reported you for language. There's no need for the S word, not even in the Open Zone.

Snake Raiser3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

Dang, when gamers have to get political.... Dam..... A highly Republican state approving a Republican's bill. Though, the Democratic party is not standing up to the Republicans much on this one.

Now whether you agree with my above statement or not, we need to come together as gamers. This bill would allow fines of up to $2000 for every incident of a underage child being sold a mature game. (In the state of Utah) You KNOW that this will be misused. Jack T (+his political allies) decide that they don't like a company, say Gamestop (You may hate gamestop, but they are important to the industry. ) Then all sorts of people who have an irrational fear of video games will lie and say that their child was sold a mature title. Then there will be huge outrage and the courts will buckle under the pressure of a few hysterical mom's. We could hope that the Democrats stop this. We could hope that the Republican party stops supporting Thompson. Or we can do something about this ourselves.

Just to be clear, I have received PM's from people who were insulted, I don't solely blame the Republican party. I realize that Hillary tried to do something similar (I never supported her campaign.)
You should read the rest of what I said, I said that the Democrats are not standing up to the republicans, and I am disappointed that they aren't. I think it is mostly the Republicans, but either way I said that we need to unite and that it doesn't matter who is doing it. As long as any party advocates this something is wrong.

Timesplitter143448d ago

Man, are you a savage or something? I mean... the vocabulary you use...

reported for saying ''g*d''

Capt CHAOS3447d ago

I reported you for language. There's no need for the G word, not even in the Open Zone.

razorbladelight3447d ago

The admins will have a field day with you kiddo.

And since I am here a bit late... what exactly does this Bill do. I read the article and there is no indication of what the Bill will actually do for or against us gamer. So if someone could please clear up what the hell is going on, it would be greatly appreciated.

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thebudgetgamer3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

who needs that crap


edit: it doesn't really say, but basically the crazy chick was offended by gta so we should all suffer.
well i'm offended by her blatant disregard of the 1st amendment

Bnet3433448d ago

I hate politics and anything to do with them, so can someone fill me in on what exactly this bill does to the state of Utah?

lord_of_balrogs3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

The ESRB are only guidelines and retailers are legally allowed to sell mature games to kids, but retailers choose not to.

Under their proposed bill, If a store says it enforces the ESRB's ratings on a game then fails to do so, it could be liable for up to $2,000 in fines per incident.

This'll just lead to all stores deciding to void their commitment to ESRB ratings, so they can get around this bill and more little kids will get their hands on mature rated games.

EDIT: taken from

"Per Vance's note, let's say Utah's games retailers are noncompliant 6 percent of the time. With H.B. 353, that relatively trivial 6 percent could engender disproportionately substantial fines and legal fees severe enough to force (or at least incentivize) abandoning compliance with the ESRB's ratings system altogether.

Imagine the impact on the ESRB (not to mention the MPAA) if retailers like Walmart or GameStop suddenly pulled their voluntary endorsement.

The hypothetical emasculation (or even dissolution) of independent ratings institutions like the MPAA and ESRB could have disastrous ramifications for artists. Few consumers would support a completely ratings-free system, thus paving the way for draconian and bureaucratic government-created and enforced alternatives."

Bnet3433448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

So now I ask you, how does this affect anyone who is 17 years or older? If it doesn't, than why the hell should I be worried?

EDIT: lol dude I have no idea what the hell that quote even meant. I ama retard when it comes to this type of sh*t to the point where you got to speak on a 6th grade level with me lol :P. From my understanding, Gamestop gets fined for selling an M rated game to kids, so like I asked, why should I be worried? I ain't no kid.

Dark General3448d ago

Eh it's really not that huge of a deal. It's just bigger fines for game employee's that sell mature rated games to minors and people who work in theaters who let kids/teens in to see R rated movies without adult supervision.

Unicron3448d ago

Kigmal, the issue usually isn't the bill itself, but the "precedent" it sets. Basically, once the floodgates are open, it leads to a snowball effect of bureaucratic nonsense.

psiom3448d ago

I hope you guys in the U.S. don't let this stuff slide too far into stupidity, because it only lessens our chances in Australia of overcoming an already worse situation.

FarEastOrient3448d ago

I guess if the Federal government can say screw it with the constitution than I guess the state governments think that they can too.

pixelsword3448d ago

which causes birth defects, mental and chemical imbalances, put fear, sex, and violence in children programs, make people dumber through capitalistic phrasing of schoolbooks (paid per word, making many books ineffectual) give toy guns to children and put television shows glorifying gunplay, disaffect the youth to violence, subject the populace to systematic poverty to make them either rob and steal, or join the military, subliminally goad people into shooting people on their property instead of "loving thy neighbor", teaching people to shoot any kind of robber, even a poor fellow stealing food for his family instead of teaching people to help the poor, allow anyone to get guns without proper training; people who thump bibles and wave flags instead of READING bibles and STUDYING the laws and constitution of this land to figure out what makes this land so great...

...and these are the type of people who are first in line to blame videogames.


That isn't that bad. Actually, if some governamental agency was in charge of reviewing games to give it a rating, than kids wouldn't buy GTA (which they aren't supposed to already), developers could make games even with adult content and don't get sued for it, parents would be the only ones kids could go to get a game which isn't recomended for their age.

You know above who would fall the consequences of exposing mature content for kids? Bad-parenting.

Just like movies...

LoVeRSaMa3447d ago

I don't live in Utah...
Infact, I don't even live in the USA ^_^

Parappa The Rappa3447d ago

But, its much worse to expose your kids to GTA, than to marry them off to 40 yr old men at age 12.

Way to go Utah.

anh_duong3447d ago

this is probably coming from politicans who all voted for the war in iraq

NIN643447d ago

Utah sucks anyway. . .

Death3447d ago

The last thing the polygamist in Utah wants is the teenage boys living in the streets that they threw out of the community so there wouldn't be competition for the underage girls is to learn how to use a gun or defend themselves. Playing violent video games might encourage them to stand up for their rights.

Here's a crazy thought for the Utah senate, why not create a law that prohibits marriage to underage girls? While they are at it, they might limit marriage to 1 couple like the rest of the states. Heck, while we are dreaming, why not protect the boys with no homes by making it a punishable offence to abandon your children?


RemmM3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

Wtf are you SMOKING?! The Constitution is the ONLY reason why we are still ALIVE here in the US... Imagine if the constitution was no longer alive in the US, you and every single person in this room would not be FREE to even post wouldn't be able to go outside, shop,etc UNLESS you ASK the government...thats slavery there buddy. If thats the kind of world you want to live in, then you are incredibly STUPID!!

Scrooge3447d ago

wow, people here have a lot of misconceptions about mormons and utah. utah DOES NOT allow polygamy or underage marriage. those that are caught participating in such acts are subject to the law like any other state. do some research before opening you stupid mouths.

UnwanteDreamz3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

He was being sarcastic. BTW with all the unconstitutional amendments that have been passed we no longer follow the constitution the way it was intended. You are not free and you never will be. Everyday in this country more and more people trade security for freedom. We invite the government to rule our lives. Oh and the bill of rights has been destroyed in such a way that if this country ever sees you "openly" as a threat you will have no rights to a fair trial. They can already take you away in the dead of night and label you a terrorist with no just cause.

Free my ass!

Parappa The Rappa3447d ago

hahaha. I guess you've never been to colorado city, utah.
try having some common sense and doing your own research before you call other people stupid.
No one said it was LEGAL. Its "allowed", "overlooked", etc.

Raz3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

Nice article - 'decisions are being made, a bill is going to the Utah House of Commons...but we're not going to tell you what it actually concerns or seeks to legislate.'

I almost felt informed, for a second.

EDIT: I actually went and looked at the minutes in the legislature. Novel, and awash with legalese, but it looks like ultimately what they're trying to do is ensure stricter enforcement of age limits on games in regards to ratings. Sounds pretty watered-down and ineffectual; I doubt it'll pass a second hearing, let alone get to the Governor's desk for a veto.

MAiKU3447d ago

This will be just one of those stupid laws or something out there. Like not being able to have intercourse with your socks on, or with the light on.

Yeesh, This thing will never get farther.

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poindat3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

What a waste of time and money. Just like every other bill our government passes. Hooray.

rogimusprime3447d ago one really lives in utah. The state is very, homogeneous...a lot of conservative Mormon's. It's really the perfect place to pass this type of legislation, but its not going to set a serious precedent since no one really cares about Utah. I could see if California or New York passed it, and the legislation spread around because it was so popular...but its Jack Thompson...and Utah.

For all you sensitives out there, I'm not $hitting on anyone's religion or talking about plural marraige...just stating the demographics for any foreigners who aren't aware.

anh_duong3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

i play violent games and they never done me any harm

this issure of outlawing violent games because they make people violent makes me so angry i want to rip off the heads of people who come up with such a stupid plan.. not only that i will probably microwave their cats and sell the dogs to the local korean restuarant.. this makes me so mad with anger - i mean, preposterous: the idea that video games can make you violent.. now where is that bottle of chianti.. some tasty slithers of liver anyone??

Timesplitter143448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

When's the next train to Mars? This planet is hopeless.

One more news story like this one and I'm turning emo.


Don't turn emo. This planet is not only made by crap laws, it also has enough whiners.

lord_of_balrogs3448d ago

Forget the economy, lets waste our time debating about videogames.

zodiac9093448d ago

lol couldn't say it better myslef

thebudgetgamer3448d ago

who cares that people are loosing their homes in droves, or that poeple are loosing jobs everyday. we have to make sure this menace known as video games is defeated


Cintai3448d ago

I bet he's extatic about everyone losing jobs and the economy in general. I bet he also hopes everyone loses their jobs so that way nobody will have money to buy the games he "deems" wrong. If nobody buys games then the companies that make the games go bankrupt.

Thats Jack's wet dream.