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Osaka elementary schools to require Nintendo DS for every student

Believe it or not, there are some schools in Japan that actually require their students to own a Nintendo DS. (Culture, Nintendo DS)

poindat  +   2304d ago
Oh you know those Japanese, always one step ahead of the rest of the world.
Mikerra17  +   2304d ago
the sales will just keep going up and up
Bnet343  +   2304d ago
Not surprising, I just got that game where it teaches you how to speak english for my mom. DS is a wonderful little device that can teach you things. If you do not have one, you suck. :)
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FarEastOrient  +   2304d ago
Gotta brainwash the kids some how! >_>
ThanatosDMC  +   2304d ago
Wouldnt a tablet be better for writing and learning? Sure it's portable but you can only write so much in that little amount of surface area. Not to mention people are lazy and would sneak games onto their DSs.
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jay2  +   2305d ago
swiftshot93  +   2304d ago
DS is really good. Has some freaking fantastic games. I love nintendo for it, but i wish for the wii to die. IMO the wii is the worst console of all time.
Bnet343  +   2304d ago
QFT. DS is good, Wii is garbage.
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2304d ago
Gaming just got serious. lol.
Kulupoo  +   2304d ago
Gaming is always srs bznz, haha
I wish my university require everyone to have a DS...
Kevin McCallister  +   2304d ago
Makes sense. There are tons of Katakana, Hiragana, and Kanji DS games that teachers could implement into their curriculum, along with other educational games.
infamous_27  +   2304d ago
Well yeah my school agenda lists PSP's under the "not aloud at school" section. Take that DS!
Tony P  +   2304d ago
Well, yes it's important to decrease the volume if you're allowed to play PSP at school.

Seriously, if that's a direct quote you should think about a transfer.
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Sarcasm  +   2304d ago
Someone needs to go back to school.

Avenged Sevenfold  +   2304d ago
I haven't played my DS in years. If I was allowed to use it in school then I'd take advantage of it.
Freakwave003  +   2304d ago
Not that surprising. There are some universities here in the US that require you to have an iPod since you can put notes, lectures, etc. on them.
Bnet343  +   2304d ago
lol that's a lie.
mrb3ar  +   2304d ago
LMAO yeah right
Sanhlami  +   2304d ago
"class, take out your ds to start brain train"

*in the corner playing super mario kart*
Obama  +   2304d ago
Make english 101 as DLC and charge each student 10000 yen.
BrianC6234  +   2304d ago
How much did that deal cost Nintendo? Doesn't seem like something they could get away with anywhere but Japan.
Rai  +   2304d ago
thats never gonna make it here. parents here still thinks its for kids
Gun_Senshi  +   2304d ago
I wonder how much $$$ Nintendo Shove.
Godmars290  +   2304d ago
This is a little excessive.
Just a little.

Changes the DS from an innovation into a monopoly.

(You can't say "b-i-t"

Tony P  +   2304d ago
I've never had a bit of trouble with it.
sinned47  +   2304d ago
get my puzzle quest on during class :o
dkgshiz  +   2304d ago
Thats dumb
instead of a DS, why not just require a laptop?
Thoreau  +   2304d ago
this is ridiculous.
gumgum99  +   2304d ago
There's a reason why Japan is a day ahead of the rest of the world.

This idea was simply a no brainer, and as always, Japan saw it first. Of course, The US isn't too far behind since some of my classes on campus allow ipod lectures.
JOEdANGEL  +   2304d ago
That's awesome! Actually using a DS as an educational platform. Drawing kanji with the stylus sounds hard though.
blvdnights  +   2304d ago
I want to go to there
lelik  +   2304d ago
seriously a 30 rock quote?

anyways this is awesome because if azns are busy playing dses in school they wont have time to get smart and wont be able to take my job. thank you nintendo.
SpoonyRedMage  +   2304d ago
That's awesome, I wish DSs were mandatory in my college, we could go on pictochat! silent classes everywhere...

I'd be too busy on DQ V though.
gumgum99  +   2304d ago
I hear ya.

Teachers everywhere would be wondering how their classes became so quiet.

skatezero246  +   2304d ago
My school's gay they won't even allow cell phones but they get to use DS's

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