What's coming to the PS-Store soon?

PS3 Fanboy reports: "While we can't be sure about what movie trailers are making their way to the PS-Store, we would like to remind you of a couple of games that should be getting released in a week or two. These two games are Mortal Kombat II and Calling All Cars."

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Saber4264d ago

Calling All Cars should be a fun party game to play! hoping it's in 1080p *praying*

sumfood4u4264d ago

They need 2 quit, BS an get serious with adding all the psx Greatest Hits an Game of the Year! no one cares about Croc, Crash, or Mortal~Kombat! Bring Castlevania SOTN, FF7, FF8, OR FFT. You got yur self happy PS3 owners Period!

Merovee4264d ago

I seriously have to disagree. I would rather see Calling all Cars as well as oodles of New games over a stockpile of games I already own.

Siesser4264d ago

The only PSN game I'm looking forward to in the near future is that music-shooter game, and Little Big Planet. I'll also be happy when the PS1 downloads can play off the system.

last night's color-palette change was a surprisingly big improvement on the over-all look of the store. Don't know if it was a glitch or what, but the background was black instead of the blue it is now; I liked it.