Will Wii be competitive?

Three full months have passed since the American launch of the Nintendo Wii. While many gamers immediately fell in love with their new console, several others still aren't so sure. As is the case with any new relationship, platonic or otherwise, there's always a stage where the 'newness' subsides and both parties begin to wonder how serious things will get.

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MikeGdaGod4292d ago

competition is what drive business. the more the better

PureGamer4292d ago

and im bored of mine, need mario galaxy and Super Smash Bros plz ninty deliever them quickly!

Grown Folks Talk4292d ago

just needs more games. i'm personally only looking forward to the sadness out of what i've seen so far, but at least my wife can play her gamecube games. plus whuppin my friends in bowling on wii sports every now and then. it's all in the follow through.