PS3 No. 1 at Amazon UK; launch units available reports:

Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 is the No. 1 product at Amazon UK's PC & Video Games division.

Sony will release the 60GB PS3 SKU to Europe on Mar. 23.

The latest Playstation retails for 424.99 Euros at the online retailer. The product page disclaims that units are still available for launch day and that it will stop taking pre-orders when pre-orders are sold out.

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milthaar4264d ago

since its no.1 ppl are buing it soooo does this mean sony is keeping up with the need for ps3's?

Keyser4264d ago

Their manufacturing department has allowed to really stock up Europe with PS3's that's really all its saying. They've met demand and exceeded it by a small margin. That's good business.