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brycespitler2784d ago

that would SUCK being solid snakes

and poor Link...the guy will never get laid

cain1412784d ago

Most game charecters don't seem to ever get that lucky

cain1412784d ago


They are almost more like anti hero's though...

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SirLarr2784d ago

I don't care how much he's battered about and how mute the poor guy is, I still wouldn't mind being Link.

cain1412784d ago

For a guy who is pretty effiement looking at times he's a badass...

SlamVanderhuge2784d ago

I don't think id be able to pull off the tights. it would just be wrong

cain1412784d ago


I don't want to see you try to pull off those tights...

No guy should try to pull off that look...

italianbreadman2784d ago

Oh, but I dress up like Link every Friday.

DK_Switch2784d ago

"Ok ... now it sounds like you're just yelling at me."

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cain1412784d ago

Luigi is just pretty lame... I still remember how lame luigi's manshion was compared to all the other Mario titles...

redfield852784d ago

Hey, don't dis Luigi's Mansion! That game was fun.

cain1412784d ago


It wasn't bad, just not near as good as Mario Galaxy or Mario 64, or even Mario Sunshine.

Luigi's manshion is really short...

DK_Switch2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

I take it you never played "Mario is Missing" for the PC or Super Nintendo?

italianbreadman2784d ago

I rocked Luigi's Mansion...felt like a demo for the GameCube, really

cain1412784d ago

That's basicly all it was...

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iTZKooPA2784d ago

AiAi, I would throw up in my ball all the time.

italianbreadman2784d ago

That is a great one. But then again, it could be really fun if you DON'T throw up

italianbreadman2784d ago

While playing MGS4, I remember thinking to myself how much it would absolutely suck to be Snake. Looks like someone agrees. :-)

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