Official Spielberg website article about Wii

Spielberg developing exclusive Wii game
It's a known fact that Steven Spielberg has been a die-hard gamer for as long as there has been a video game industry. Besides following the industry and its output religiously over the last three decades, Spielberg has also contributed his creativity to the creation of numerous games including classic titles such as "Medal of Honor," "The Dig," "The Neverhood," and "Steven Spielberg's Director's Chair."

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wildcat4295d ago

i wish he'd come over to the 360/ps3 side of gaming

PS360WII4295d ago

Just making the Wii game first. The PS3/360 one will be for those two. So see it is possible to spread the love out to all three consoles ^^

PS3Wii4295d ago (Edited 4295d ago )

The Wii will probably come out first, no offence to Sony.

The PS3 will come in second as better games come out and Home Virtual World attracts millions of Warcraft, Secondlife users. And then theres always Blu-ray!

And the 360 will come out 3rd as people start to realize that they already have a PC.

Odiah4295d ago

Good to see you're staying on topic.