Redesigned Zune incoming?

We haven't seen the first version in the UK yet, but the latest murmurs point towards a juicy new Zune coming from Microsoft in August.
Microsoft might have given British music fans the two fingered salute over the original Zune, delaying its launch on this side of the pond until the end of the year, but rumours of a new version right around the corner mean we could end up with a better deal after all.

Zune fansites are in the throws of an excitement-spasm over hints that the new player could launch in the US by August, packing gaming features and a redesigned shell.

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FordGTGuy4265d ago

but don't expect a different standard version since its doesn't need it with the kind of performance it has. All it needs is firmware updates.

Smoove8084265d ago

I was gonna fork out 250 of my own dollars to pick one of these bad boys. I was suprised with one for christmas, so it saved me a bunch of money. Crazy thing is that the darn thing fell off of my 360 when I was getting ready to smack some of you in COD3. It hit my tile floor and the LCD cracked. No more Heroes on my Zune while travelling. Anyways, it broke 2 weeks after getting the thing.

Called Microsoft, tried to get a new one. I was honest and pleasant to them. in result they didnt replace it. I should've ripped em' a new one instead.

I would be very upset to know I spent my own money to get a zune when after a handful of months a new and improved Zune is on the way.
I' gonna get me one. Its actually a promising device, the only cosistant complaint amongst critics is the size. Well, this will soon be resolved.