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GTA IV Sales: Split 50/50 over Xbox and PS3

Take-Two has revealed that the 13 million units of Grand Theft Auto IV it has sold are split more or less evenly across platforms.

Speaking in a conference call following Take-Two's recent financials, one analyst asked, "...can you give us an idea as to this 13 million GTA 4 units, how many of those are Xbox 360 platform? So what's the addressable market for the downloadable The Lost and Damned."

The response from Lainie Goldstein, CFO of Take-Two, was, "It's approximately 50/50, Ed."

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GWAVE  +   2368d ago
So it looks as if -- despite the much lower price of the 360, the exclusive DLC, and the greater 360 installed base -- the PS3 still went toe-to-toe with the 360.

*waits for people to say "Bu bu bu but the PS3 version didn't sell MORE LOLOLOLOL! teh fail!"*

EDIT: Looks like I didn't have to wait long. Hiruma jumped right in there with some BS, as usual.
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Simon_Brezhnev  +   2368d ago
yep i could had sworn all the 360 fanboys was like it sold more on 360 lmao
Hiruma Youchi  +   2368d ago
Why dont you mention the guys at the time who were saying the PS3 version sold more because of the Piracy on Xbox360?
PirateThom  +   2368d ago
Guess people don't care about DLC after all.
Pennywise  +   2368d ago
Hiruma... What would the point of that be?? R* Actually lost money because of that, so deduct the money taken from them for the pirated versions and the PS3 made them way more money.

Was that supposed to be a positive statement towards the 360?
meepmoopmeep  +   2368d ago
i traded in GTA4 months ago
Kleptic  +   2368d ago
can't say this is very surprising...the 360 has a much larger installed base through out the US...driving sales GTAIV sales up for that platform...

and the PS3 had MGS4 right around the corner...a much more attractive reason to buy a PS3 if you didn't own either system...buy the 360 if you want to play GTAIV and some DLC in a year...buy the PS3 if you want to play GTAIV and then MGS4 about a month later...I know 10 people personally that chose the latter rather than the former...but obviously, as not much has changed in the gap between the PS3 and 360...many went with the 360, at least in the US...overall the game did next to nothing at console sales though...it just sold well throughout both platform bases...
Mr Pumblechook  +   2368d ago
I dont understand how it can be approximately equal sales on both formats?
The Xbox 360 was released one and a half years before the PlayStation 3 in Europe.
Over in the UK the 360 is HALF the price of the PlayStation 3.
Shouldn't that mean that much the 360 sales vastly outstrip the PS3?
Shouldn't that mean that at least 75% of sales are on the 360?

Either Rockstar is lying about GTA IV sales being equal on both formats.
Or Microsoft is lying about the number of 360s sold (excluding re-buys)
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mugoldeneagle03  +   2368d ago
Although it's not that suprising
It's still good news.

Especially considering that around GT4's launch last year (about a year from now) the PlayStation 3 hadn't sold nearly as well as it has since then.

Good news for Sony
thenickel  +   2368d ago
Oh so now all of the sudden gta matters to the sony fanboys lol. All this shows is that a once playstation title can do just as good if not better on the 360.
PirateThom  +   2368d ago
Some nice spin there, the GTA series was never PS exclusive. All it shows is that PS3 games sell as well as 360 games even with the smaller install base.
Pennywise  +   2368d ago
Silly noob gamers who think GTA was a PS exclusive are a joke.

Nickel, we dont care about GTA all of a sudden... we care about making all of the people who ran their mouth about PS3 game sales being bad look stupid.

The PS3 had a higher attach rate regardless of the DLC. People are not just buying PS3 for bluray like your buddies like to say. Everyone online on my friends lists are playing games most of the time.
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Ghoul  +   2368d ago
whats that smell ?

damn another troll crouching out of theyre bridge.
fanboys try to spin it as you like

its a + for sony on this one.
more expensive console
no dlc
smaller installbase

you guys where to one allways braging about attach rates.
well ps3 has a higher attach rate on gta4 then the 360.
but i bet you can spin that one too. right ?
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Pizzagaki  +   2368d ago
Pizzagaki says LOL, Nothing beats Pizzagaki his PS3, the xbox will be overtaken in 2009.
Lifendz  +   2368d ago
So did MS waste 50 million?
Paid 50 million for 2 exclusive episodes of DLC, marketed the game heavily as being on 360, has the higher install base and was a cheaper system, and yet the PS3 version sold just as well and moved more PS3 hardware.

Maybe instead of paying for exclusive DLC MS can pay for new and exclusive IPs?
thenickel  +   2368d ago
"The PS3 had a higher attach rate regardless of the DLC."

And since when did attach rates start to matter so much to you and your following? You guy's and gals are looking for any reason what so ever to nit pic and spin this into a PS3 did better debate. This is good news for Rock star and nothing more. Soon there are going to be more PS3 is in 3rd to stay articles popping up and I wonder what the excuse will be this time.
Pennywise  +   2368d ago
Nickel - The only thing I care about is making your guys look stupid. I think I succeed pretty well at that. Its the whole foot in the mouth syndrome you have.(maybe not you personally)

Xbox fans started with sales/attach rates/metacritic BS. I dont care as long as I like a game and there are enough ppl playing online for me.

I get to take out some aggression on this website and with the constant flow of idiots around these parts, they keep me quite busy.

Now go back to putting your fingers in your ears and screaming "lalalalalala I cant hear you so it must not be true"
ceedubya9  +   2368d ago
If anything
Its a plus for both.

Both sold well on each platform, everybody made money in the long run. The aproximately even sales means that there was a good market for the game on both consoles, and a simultaneous release was a good thing to do for Rockstar to take advantage of the current market trend.
Mindboggle  +   2368d ago
I hope this once again teaches people to not trust vgchartz as they are complete bullcrap....
StayHigh  +   2368d ago
the ps3 version is the best to buy since you dont have to worry about the rrod (360 virus)i personally dont care about dlc because why would i pay extra money when it should be in the game from the start.also dont get me started on dvd9 my cousin always buy used 360 games it would always be scratched up like hell or itdont work at all and he had to make two trips to exchange .360 fanboys pick quantity over quality it be there biggest downfall
Saigon  +   2368d ago
Do you think
this was the reason they did not mention the DLC number for LnD...either way this was a win/win situation for all 3 companies...Though it was more in favor in Sony...most likley the sales were 7mil to 6mil if it was considered almost even...
GrandTheftZamboni  +   2368d ago
VGChartz Waaaay off
VGChartz lists following data for GTA IV:

PS3 5.46m
360 6.87m

1.4 million (~25 percent) off in favour of 360.
Saigon  +   2368d ago
@Mr Pumblechook
You speak the truth...somebody is lying...
indysurfn  +   2368d ago
I think 50/50 is right
Dispite it having DLC for xbox360 and dispite the better textures and frame rate on xbox360 it should have a higher attach rate on PS3 and thus a 50/50 split. The xbox360 has too many AAA Million sellers for GTA IV to have such a high attach rate. There are simply too many competing block buster titles on 360. There are now 32 Million + sellers on xbox360, and barely 10 million on PS3. So this sounds about right. Even though the NPD numbers put it at about 59/41 Maybe the CFO was being nice, and not specific. 59/41 is a split. The setting put him under pressure to show all the eggs are not in one basket. It is a financial event after all.


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Blademask  +   2368d ago
Both sides of this argument = morons. GTA4 was a bad game. The media/critics all duped us into buying this POS. The hype was beyond anything, and t...
I've never felt as taken as I did with GTA4. It was such a scam, all the preview hype everything. Then the real game was the worst in recent history, it improved nothing from San Andreas and in fact, REMOVED features.

People try to pretend they dont care about the extra missions like working out and crap in SA "LOL if i wanted the SIMS id play the SIMS!" Yet you're the same people driving around to darts and cookies every 10 minutes? F- This game. Rockstar has owned everyone and they are laughing allllllll the way to the bank for creating the most underhwhelming EMPTY non-interactive city they could. The game is a ghost town with nothing to do.

I'd hate if the DLC for this game is the only GAME I'd have to look forward to other than a watered down rts and a ninja qte game, but folks.. Rockstar is the winner here.

GTA4 was the biggest scam in gaming history, and you guys are too busy figuring out who was scammed more? Come on. Petitions hsould be made for how uninspiring this title was for a gta title.

Hell, play saints row 2 and tell me its not the better "GTA" type game. Tera Patrick... come on. GTA lost its raunchy street cred with GTA4. It wasn't even offensive. After you get used to the way people fell, the game got boring amazingly quick.

brb gotta go pickup my cousin.
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kevnb  +   2368d ago
I think the lack of ps3 piracy helps
If the install base for both consoles gets anywhere close to equal, multiplat games will sell much better on ps3... who is actually equipped to burn and download 20 gig games?
kevnb  +   2368d ago
@ Blademask
lol at the brb, like we all really miss you and anticipate your next comment.
slayorofgods  +   2368d ago
Great news for the PS3
This proves the the PS3 can sell games afterall despite publishers thinking that the 360 would make them more money. To the guy that thinks someone is lying, I'd trust 3rd party developers numbers over sony or microsoft released numbers.
eagle21  +   2368d ago
360 is simply losing ground...
and its going to get much worse in the coming years for 360. :)
soxfan2005  +   2368d ago
"About", "generally", and "approximately" (taken directly from the article) regarding the 50/50 comment are hardly strong enough terms to draw any conclusions about either console.
cayal  +   2368d ago
"To all you idiots that dont understand what Himura was trying to say; Yes according to this site it was 50/50 but you have to take piracy into consideration. If pirate games weren't available on the 360 you could definitly say the 360 version would've sold more."

Flawed logic there Einstein. If piracy wasn't available, there is nothing to suggest those who did pirate would have bought it.

"Plus take into consideration there are way more games and better quality games on the 360. When GTA came out on the PS3 there wasn't that much more to choose from."

Speaking of idiots...
Argento-Nox  +   2368d ago
@1.9 Thenickel

Nice spin there nickel, considering GTA was also on the xbox1.

Thankfully, you don't have to pay everyone a nickel for every irrelevant fanboy comment you make, otherwise you'd have to think up a new username.
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EzekielRAGE  +   2368d ago
The Rockstar exclusive for the ps3 is a revamped gtasa. This was a huge letdown.
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DaTruth  +   2368d ago
@Everyone above
That was some of the worst fanboy drivel I have ever read

You're all a bunch of FANBOYS!!! All of you!!!

@Blademask: I buy one game every 3 months(except for November) so always PS3 exclusives. This is the one multiplatform I bought and I still play it all the time. It's the only game I can pop in and screw around for 45 mins or so. But you're right about the story and I couldn't even play it again for the trophies. Which makes a new story(L&theD) a big no-no.
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cayal   2368d ago | Spam
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2368d ago
@Beware Oblivion
"It is GTA after all. Duh."

How did you accumulate such flawed logic? Just because its a GTA game doesn't mean people would pay money for it. It only means the game will be pirated even more.
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ZuperAmazingCooKie  +   2368d ago
The reason for that is
European SKUs bring in more revenue. PS3 sells more games in Europe. Therefore, even if there is a small sales diference in favor of 360, PS3 makes up by selling more in Europe.
AAACE5  +   2368d ago
Wow look...
The fanboys have something to argue about...

Seeing how so many Ps3 (and 360) owners said GTA 4 sucked.... Why does anyone care?
pixelsword  +   2367d ago
Money Well spent, Microsoft;
Buying the DLC kept you from flopping in sales, but to be fair it didn't make you pull ahead, either; which was the intent of the exclusive DLC in the first place.
frayer  +   2368d ago
bubu but 360 sellz moere... Ps3 dnt sellz gamezs... DLC sellz gamesz
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White-Sharingan  +   2368d ago
I just wonder why people say the bullshit statement of: Bu..bu...but...but..for the full experience you need the DLC.

No you dont, the full experience is already IN the game, DLC is just something extra, besides the lost and the damn didnt have to do anything with Niko
Kleptic  +   2368d ago
funny how I couldn't even get through 'part of the experience'...I have not put the game in my ps3 once since MGS4 released in June...not one time...still at like 55% complete or something...no plans on finishing it anytime soon, may go back through eventually for the trophies...but even then...boring game imo...
pwnsause  +   2368d ago
apparently that statement did not apply to a game Like Tomb Raider: Underworld which managed to sell more on the PS3 than on the 360 despite the exclusive DLC that the 360 version gets.
Ghoul  +   2368d ago

becasue noone cares about exclusiv dlc other then hardcore gamers and fanboys. sorry guys its a fact, you cant sell more units by aving exclusive dlc.
MURKERR  +   2368d ago
that also means the attach rate on the ps3 was higher for GTA4
considering the install base at the time,i honestly thought the 360 would have sold more considering the price/DLC ..im surprised

all in all 13 mill sold thats a great achievement for rockstar
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ape007  +   2368d ago
cut the ps3 price and pay for gta 5 exclusivity

sony,it will be the biggest move you'll ever made this gen
komp  +   2368d ago
@ ape007

I dont think sony will need to pay for it :D

Im sure R* are dissapointed in someways too.
TreborRversed  +   2368d ago
13 million units sold, that is some number from Rockstar

Whats the biggest selling game of all time?
cayal  +   2368d ago
Mario by a long shot
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SprSynJn  +   2368d ago
I am thinking with the recent comments by one of the developers at Rockstar, that the next installment could be exclusive to the Playstation 3 due to space restrictions. Had the sales not been so equal, i.e. it being more sold on the 360, then I could see that being a hindrance to Sony. But, seeing as though they both sold equally, I can see Rockstar actually taking the gamble to go with more size amidst the possibility in losing sales. I am pretty sure half of those possible 13 million, if they haven't already, would buy a PS3 for that game. It is that popular of a series, and I bet there are many customers who want a PS3 despite the higher price tag.
Omega4  +   2368d ago
Seem like the franchise has found a new home then

Just think of all those PS2 owners Sony failed to convert and who chose the 360 instead

I wonder if it will be the same with RE5 and FFXIII only time will tell
Avenged Sevenfold  +   2368d ago
There's over 140 million ps2 owners out there. Chances are that at least 50% of them will be buying a Ps3.
GWAVE  +   2368d ago
LOL. You never fail to amuse me with your spin.

So, assuming that GTA found a new home on the 360 with a larger installed base, a cheaper console, a "better" online setup, and exclusive DLC content, why is it that the PS3 sold just as well with a smaller installed base, a more expensive console, an "inferior" online setup, and no DLC content?

It seems to me that GTA is still quite comfortable on the Playstation brand.
MURKERR  +   2368d ago
omega other gtas have been on a xbox console
and considering the 360s install base and the much touted DLC and 360 is half the price of a ps3 i dont think microsoft will be celebrating to much especially as the 50mil DLC didnt entice as much as they wanted it to
Omega4  +   2368d ago
Well considering GTA on the PS2 sold well over 13ml on the single platform, yeah i would say its found a new home

Seems like brand loyalty is dead and those 120ml PS2 owners probably wont be converting to the PS3 very easily
Ghoul  +   2368d ago
omega4 its time

disagree, pull bubble, ignore.
Chubear  +   2368d ago
HA! what are you guys talking about?
The xbox only sold 25mill last gen and the 360 has only currently gotten to the 27mill mark this gen. That means that, after 4yrs on the market, it has only just gotten it's original base to convert.

A vast majority of the 150mill PS2 consumers jumped on the PS2 at the end of its 4th year and just went on a tear from then on. It'll be the same on the PS3 with the PS2 base jumping on in drones at the same time period. Just like it was with the PS1.

Had the 360 sold 50mill by now you could say yes, they got a chunk of the PS2 base but that's not the case at all. They've just managed to get their xbox base and the 360 is about to be discontinued within the next 2yrs.
Pennywise  +   2368d ago
Keep bubbling yourself up Omega.

Do you realize that with PS2 sales - xbox360 sales + PS3 sales = 90 million people??????????? (Far from over)

And plus a lot of the casuals didnt buy a 360, they bought a wii.
rockleex  +   2368d ago
Chubear just owned this whole place! >_<
Anyways, I think the Wii is the console that MIGHT have taken a chunk of PS2 owners... for now.

Its VERY likely that those PS2 owners who went with a Wii... only did it for its low starting price. They'll most likely convert to the PS3 once its price drops. Especially since most of the sequels for their favorite PS2 series probably won't come out on the Wii.
soxfan2005  +   2368d ago
@4.6 - The current generation is not comparable to the PS2/Xbox generation. PS2 overtook Dreamcast in it's first year, and was never behind Xbox of Gamecube. Don't forget, PS2 was $299, Dreamcast was $149 when PS2 launched. Last generation, people had no problem paying double for PS2. PS2 outsold all competitors, without any price cut, from day one. That is not the case now. PS3 is in it's third year, and is still trailing 2 competitors. That NEVER happened with PS1 or PS2.
Avenged Sevenfold  +   2368d ago
Wow, I remember when fanboys and "analysts" said the 360 version will outsell the PS3 2:1. Anyway good job Take-Two and Rockstar.
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N4PS3G  +   2368d ago
well..American Analyst talk about North America ....and it did outsell it in North America
Avenged Sevenfold  +   2368d ago
Still, America isn't the center of the universe, is it now? This doesn't excuse the 360 fanboys for acting like GTA4's home is on the 360 and Micro treats it more or less like a 360 exclusive.
thenickel  +   2368d ago
America is the center of the universe so get use to it.
twoface  +   2368d ago
Seems like you have some disagrees there
Ghoul  +   2368d ago
lol @ nickel

hey guys you see irony when it shi.s in your face ?

well avenged, to some extend its incredible how loyal americans are to an american product. patriotism at its finest, its almost everytime an american user, downplaying the ps3, spreading fake articles, spinning news and glorifying anything ms does.

sad but true
#5.5 (Edited 2368d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
thenickel   2368d ago | Spam
UltimateIdiot911  +   2368d ago
I'm an US citizen and I do not think US is the center of the universe. I also hate many of the american brand product as they tend to die pretty quick compare to foreign brand products.

And Americans wonder why most of the world think of US as aholes of the world. It's quite an obvious reason and it's not jealousy. Starts with an E.
Ghoul  +   2368d ago
ups i revoke my comment

thenickel is an american shortminded patriot. please stay in usa.
btw usa is so far away from beeing the center of the world its incredible.
Why o why  +   2368d ago
typical. You are a j**k. A disrespect to all of your compatriots. Everybody knows the UK is the centre of the universe. Do you speak english or 'american' ...lol
The gaming GOD  +   2368d ago
"america is the center of the universe"
See, THAT my friend is what I called "close-minded thinking"

Ignorant mentality like that is why our country is in the bad shape it is (among other reasons of course). Most other countries hate us BECAUSE of close-minded thinkers like yourself nickel

And yes, I AM American
gamesmaster  +   2368d ago
i'm surprised at you nickel, i would have thought man of your age would be a little more open minded. if you have children i feel bad for them, growing up thinking where they are is the center of the universe for "us foreign fu*ks".

i'm willing to bet you dont have a passport since theres nothing of interest outside of your boarders apart from oil, i beleive you dont need a passport to drop a bomb on an "inferior" culture.

hey, i'm from Britain and i even recognize the colonialism.
iHEARTboobs  +   2368d ago
"America, Fcuk yeah!" haha, that's what you sound like, you tool. Calling him anti-american then telling him to gtfo of the country? Doesn't he have free speech, free will? Isn't that part of America? You're the one that sounds anti-American you fake Rocketeer.
ELite_Ghost  +   2368d ago
funny how ps3 had no dlc...

gta4 sucks anyway
TreborRversed  +   2368d ago
Rockstar are a 3rd party company, they can do what ever the hell they want with their franchise.

Sony would much rather spend the money making 1st or 2nd part IP's and I agree.

So we lose exclusivity of soume of our greatest games, we still get to play them, plus we'll have some amazing brand new exclusives.

And you people do know that Sony have sign an exclusive deal with Rockstar on for a brand new franchise, see i'd rather a brand new set of games than a GTA brand that is obviously lacking in ideas, not saying its awful just where do they go next.
Bathyj  +   2368d ago


TheMART  +   2368d ago
" GWAVE - 29 minutes ago

Ignore1 -
So it looks as if -- despite the much lower price of the 360, the exclusive DLC, and the greater 360 installed base -- the PS3 still went toe-to-toe with the 360.

*waits for people to say "Bu bu bu but the PS3 version didn't sell MORE LOLOLOLOL! teh fail!"*

EDIT: Looks like I didn't have to wait long. Hiruma jumped right in there with some BS, as usual. "

Still the Playstation brand lost an console exclusive, that really started last gen the PS2 to sell to the mass of people.

Second, I can remember Sony fans were saying the PS3 version would outsell the 360 version because the franchise had been Playstation bound in the past. It didn't.

The 360 version is still the most complete version. Anyone having to jump in still buying a console and if that person is a GTA fan, there really is no other choice then the 360 version.

Selling the same on the 360 or a bit more because now the DLC 1st pack is out and 2nd pack is upcoming, is a big thing seen the large Playstation fanbase for GTA.

Enough evidence for other former Playstation exclusives to jump ship and earn bucks on the 360.
PirateThom  +   2368d ago
Or less reason to make 360 exclusives if big games sell as well on PS3 even with the lower install base?

Spin is fun, isn't it?
#8.1 (Edited 2368d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Bathyj  +   2368d ago
God your such a shill. Listen to yourself do the hard sell.

And your talking crap as usual. No one with any sense said PS3 would outsell the XB version. Not with XB having about double the consoles at the time. Most of the PS3 fans worth listening too, myself included predicted about 3:2 in XB's favor while the Bot elite like you were insisting it would be 2:1.

Well guess what? We were both wrong, and you're in full damage control mode already trying to move units yourself. Haha. Gotta sure up them numbers pal.
Power_Of_Flops_  +   2368d ago
I like your tears, thefart. Go on crying please.
Pennywise  +   2368d ago
You stupid dolt: "Still the Playstation brand lost an console exclusive, that really started last gen the PS2 to sell to the mass of people."

The original Grand Theft Auto was developed in DOS, and then later ported to Microsoft Windows (using SciTech MGL), Sony PlayStation, and Game Boy Color.

Grand Theft Auto 2 (abbreviated as GTA2) is a video game that was released worldwide on October 22, 1999, by developer DMA Design (now Rockstar North); initially for the Windows operating system and the PlayStation console. The game was later ported to the Dreamcast console and the Game Boy Color. It is the sequel to 1997 hit Grand Theft Auto. The PC and Dreamcast versions of GTA2 are both rated M by the ESRB. The language and violence were toned down for the PlayStation and Game Boy Color versions which received a T rating.[1] Rockstar now offers the PC version as registerware for free download at their website.[2]. GTA2 was preceded by the original Grand Theft Auto and ultimately succeeded by Grand Theft Auto III.

Grand Theft Auto III (abbreviated as GTA III) is a sandbox-style action-adventure computer and video game developed by DMA Design (now Rockstar North), and published by Rockstar Games. It is the first 3D title in the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series and the third original title overall. It was released in October 2001 for the PlayStation 2, May 2002 for Windows, and in November 2003 for the Xbox. The game is preceded by Grand Theft Auto 2 and succeeded by Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

SORRY FOR THE WALL OF TEXT, But its all I can do when my foot wont reach this guys face.
Dimitri  +   2368d ago
Its funny how Microsoft said that XBOX 360 would be a new home to GTA 4 hehehe.
TreborRversed  +   2368d ago
Look at my above post Mart, oh please do lol
zag  +   2368d ago
The strange thing is, your assuming the 360 version sold more.

Take2 or R* havn't said any numbers so it's a toss up either way.

Maybe they are keeping things quiet as the PS3 version may have sold more without the DLC and they don't want to make MS 50 mill look like it was wasted.

GTA5 is said to be PS3 only (wait and see?) maybe that's your answer there.
phalanges  +   2368d ago
This is good news for all fronts...
The next installment wont be exclusive to any console (unless one sides pays for it). Everyone will get to play.
360  +   2368d ago
I think the fact that a game that is not very good sold 13m on hype alone is the biggest shocker
twoface  +   2368d ago
And I remembered the victory declarations of the definitive versions on the 360.
BGDad  +   2368d ago
They better do a better job on the next one
They clearly lost focus this time around or maybe its a new dev team. Either way I didnt care for it much. Wasnt bad just wasnt what i expected i guess.
IronAva  +   2368d ago
One question
Does it really matter? I mean come on now, most of the people here are all on edge and will be the first one to jump and say the game is over rated this and over rated that. As long as I get to play the game I do not care how many copies are sold as well as the system it sold the most on. I think sometimes we tend to forget that they are only games. No matter what happens, the world not not stop spinning if the PS3 outsold every other system or if the 360 continued to sale at its current pace.
Dandiego  +   2368d ago
Very nice but here are the real numbers

1 Grand Theft Auto IV 5.46m ps3
2 Grand Theft Auto IV 6.87m xbox360
GWAVE  +   2368d ago
According to who?
gdguide  +   2368d ago
VGChartz vs Take Two? LOL! Guesses vs the best source in the world from the actual company. Nice!
The gaming GOD  +   2368d ago
I hope you aren't basing your numbers by what that comical vgchartz site says.

If you can give a REAL source, then I'll give your comment some attention. But since you can't, I'll believe Take Two's CEO over vghchartz guessed estimates or people that can't provide links to their "numbers"
Dandiego  +   2368d ago
You can't disagree these are the real numbers... damn people are fanboys... these are facts. It's the same as me posting a color and saying the name of the color you can't disagree. These are what we call facts. You'll get the hang of them
Dandiego  +   2368d ago
They say it's about 50/50... that is vague... these on the other hand are real numbers and if you look at them it's about 50/50 but not quite. IGN had numbers posted on there as well.
The gaming GOD  +   2368d ago
What fanboys?
YOU are the one making claims with NO proof? You say some place has these "numbers"? Fine then post them. SO yeah, until you can do that, we pretty much CAN disagree that those are "real numbers"

The only fanboy here seems to be you at the moment. See, you came back to reply and whine and call people fanboys because of the comments your received, yet you have no LINKS to back your claims
#14.6 (Edited 2368d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Dandiego  +   2368d ago
http://www.vgchartz.com/gam... people say stuff about VG Chartz but they are real numbers when Sony claimed 20 million systems VG chartz was right there with them.
Pennywise  +   2368d ago
lol all that and then he broke out vgcharts!!!!!!!!! hahahaha
badz149  +   2368d ago
funny stuff! I LOL at that too. dude...VGChartz is crap!
xc7x  +   2368d ago
50 / 50 is just that
otherwise those sales numbers place it differently so that is not the real sales number

kewlkat007  +   2368d ago
When you look at the previous GTA sales on the PS2 and Original XBOX
MS should be smiling...Sony have lost some market-share just based on this game alone. This game is one of the top sellers on PS brand.
DJ  +   2368d ago
But only if you fail to look at release schedules.
GTA: Vice City was released on Xbox over a year after it was released on PS2. GTA: San Andreas was released on Xbox roughly eight months after it was released on PS2.

Delayed releases lead to lower sales, which is why the GTA series never did well on Xbox. Everyone had already purchased the title on PS2. GTA IV is different since it was released on both platforms simultaneously, which is why sales weren't skewed.

You can look at Bioshock as a great example of how a multi-million selling title ends up selling far less copies on a secondary platform after a long period of time.
iHEARTboobs  +   2368d ago
DJ has a good point.
gdguide  +   2368d ago
Guys, remember that GTA really has been viewed in the past as a PS branded game more so than say an Xbox game.

What's interesting then is breaking down the people who can actually take advantage of DLC on the 360 vs every PS3 having the space to. I wonder how many people bought an Arcade as the cheapest way to play GTA, and now don't have the storage space to even download it?...
Power_Of_Flops_  +   2368d ago
But but but... vgchartz told me that the 360 version would win :'(

I can't believe they lied again :'(
Pizzagaki  +   2368d ago
Ps3 had lower market share, because the 360 had a headstart, and still the ps3 sold just as much, probably even a little more then the 360.

Pizzagaki says imagine if the Ps3 version had exclusive DLC!
FF7numbaone  +   2368d ago
I seem to remmeber the last Gtas being on xbox and other gaming platforms. However it did exploded on ps2 Gta2. No need to spin for both sides.
Pizzagaki  +   2368d ago
No spinning needed, Ps3 has lower fanbase, and no exclusive DLC, yet it stands tall to the 360 version.
Thoreau  +   2368d ago
no one is lying
the sales are equal, micro could have created an awesome game with 50 mil, but they settled for DLC?
ShabzS  +   2368d ago
without the dlc they PROBABLY couldn't have matched the figures with sony... anyways as of right now thanks to the dlc.. getting a gta on 360 gives more longevity than picking it for the ps from an avg consumer point of view...
Game13a13y  +   2368d ago
you guys know what's ironic?
i bet half of those who bought the 360 versions didn't purchase the DLC pack as well. $20 a pop? no thanks, i bought the PS 3 version. even if its released on PS 3, i wouldn't have bought it anyway. i would rather play me some more Killzone 2 leveling up then driving around running over people on the street. i got tired of it like 30 minutes after.
#20.2 (Edited 2368d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Thoreau  +   2368d ago
the nickel
5.3 -
America is the center of the universe so get use to it=the nickel

you are the reason why the few govern the many, just goes to show the average american cannot think for him/herself, unless it is group thought. i am a proud american, but we are not the center of any d@mn thing. the center of ignorance maybe. i am not the average american because i use my brain everyday. no ipod or iphone glued to my head. i did not vote for obama or mccain. i work 2 jobs and i am finishing my socio-anthropology degre.
Why o why  +   2368d ago
top man, good on ya
a slight rebel i see but thats ok. I also hate 'i' this and 'i' that. I couldnt vote because im british but i did favour obama just for the shake up it caused. His election actually gave me more faith in democracy. I hope ive not been misled....again.

When outsiders think of stupid americans they think of people like thenickel (or at least how he's acting) Im not stupid enough to think that he's the majority or conversely that his mindset is not common. In truth every country should promote itself and enforce patriotism but unfortunately some take it too far and xenophobia and other types of blatant disregard for everything not of 'ours' creeps in.
#21.1 (Edited 2368d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
360  +   2368d ago
Beware Oblivion 1.12
You could also say that the only reason those people got a 360 was for the pirated games and if not for them they would of bought a ps3 with GTA on the ps3.
In fact i can say a lot of things and some will be true and some will not
ShabzS  +   2368d ago
Sheesh... xbox haters all over this place eh?
hmm 50 50 ... thats interesting... nah not really... i just dont get why everyone dissing the dlc... sure gta 4 didnt have much to do after the story but the dlc gives us what gta 4 had nailed down from the first min... story... more story = more missions and thats what kept me playing gta over and over ....
Pennywise  +   2368d ago
You know, I dont know if its 360 haters around here OR 360 fan haters.

I dont hate a piece of plastic. I opt not to buy it for many reasons.. but I do basically hate all the 360 fanatics that spread lies and make no sense.
gdguide  +   2368d ago
No hating at all on the DLC. But it does look like MS needed to pay 50 million for it to break even with the PS3 numbers. What isn't being said though is that I'm sure a lot of 360 owners will buy it again now with the DLC. But my guess is many will buy it used, so it won't show up as more sales.
ShabzS  +   2368d ago
yah definitely MS needed that dlc to get more ppl to buy gta on 360 ... it worked i guess... ms is still new compared to sony's fanbase... they should have really done something about the exclusivity deal...
ps3_pwns  +   2368d ago
I hope the next gta is ps3 exclusive
so we can have a true next gen gta with all that stuff they said was going to be in there but cut out becuase the x360 couldnt keep up. freaking dvd 9 and M$ ruin everything this gen. gameing cant be the best it can be if people keep hyping the crapbox x360 becuase you can voice chat with some guy while he watching a movie and you playeing a game lol. xbots, we dont game we chat like little girls and play on p2p 8 player servers while ps3 guys play on dedicated 32 player servers soon to be 64 player servers (mag)gameing isnt about chatting abotu a tea party its about pure and oter online gameing. plus I dont want no littl kid tea party chat with racists foul mouths.
Nelson M  +   2368d ago
Me Too
TreborRversed  +   2368d ago
again look at my post above, do we need a GTA exclusive when we have so many others to show off hehe

And I don't need to list them really, we all know what they are ;)
ShabzS  +   2368d ago
WHAT !!! No wayyyy?!?!
whats really interesting is ps3 should have outsold 360 ... since gta was really a ps brand... ms got over the gta franchise through r* ps loop holes when?.. in 2004? considering how bloody new this company is to the gaming market and with all the hardware failiures its been through .... its making ps3 run for its money... even if 360 had a head start ... gta came out in only in april 08 (not even been a full year yet.. so both brands SHOULD have secured an avg audience by then) ... and during 360's early days the PS 2 people mostly would have waited a few months for the ps3 to come out as brand loyalty and the rrod scares... from wat i see it ps3 should have outsold 360...
Unicron  +   2368d ago
Hey Rockstar, I'd like to thank you again for snubbing half of your fanbase when it comes to DLC. GG guys, GG.
mirroredderorrim  +   2368d ago
GTA IV was one of the most boring games I have played... however it was a decent movie. :P
Game13a13y  +   2368d ago
i got tired of it after the first 2 hours
the graphics aren't that impressive, the missions feel so repetitive, online play is pretty broken (well, i mean compare to games like COD, Warhawk, and Killzone2).

this series need some serious break thru if you ask me.
DARK WITNESS  +   2368d ago
you know what... i keep hearing this thing about the graphics not being all that and i have to say i don't really understand why people think that.

especially after playing the DLC... can you explain to me what was disappointing about the graphics. comparing it to other sandbox games with the same sort of theme. Have you tried the wheelman demo ? saints row 2 ( which actually looked worse then part 1)

when you look at the size of gta4's city along with all the stuff going on in the city. i mean everything from the lighting, physics, detail on the cars, buildings, the water.... what about it looks average ?

i am not having a go at anyone by the way. i would really like to debate this. i mean at first i thought it just looked very good. when i started to notice all the little details and then played some of the other sandbox games, gta kills them in my opinion. the only sandbox game that looks as good ( in my humble opinion ) is AC, but that didn't have half the things going on in the city that gta did.

anyway, thoughts anyone keeping in mind that gta4 is a sandbox game, comparing it to gears of war or GT5 prologue or some other genre of course is not really fair. what sandbox game that is " currently " out looks better ?
Game13a13y  +   2368d ago
huh... in my opinion, nobody has ever called it a graphical break thru or whatsoever, the graphic is pretty blend, i don't care how large the scale of the city is, when you are running through blocks and blocks of generic looking buildings, and about the cars, come on, it is what it is, generic looking. then the character facial expressions are like puppets...

its not anything terrible, it is decent. but certainly, i won't call it, "OMGGZZZZ, GTA 4 LOOOOOOOOOKS Gre4t 1!!11!"

well, anyway, there you have it, my opinion.
#28.3 (Edited 2368d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
badz149  +   2368d ago
for you, for me and maybe for many more, GTAIV graphic is nothing revolutionary...YES! but before it came out, various reviewers jumped their guns on saying the graphic is the best and stretching as far as it's the best game on a console EVER! when it was released, we knew that GTAIV is not exectly what is was said it is and many were dissapointed! it's not a bad game but certainly not the best! previous GTAs were better than IV!
DeZimatoR  +   2368d ago
Bu bu bu bu...
Ps3 ownerz buy no gamez!!!

So even though the PS3:
. has a lower install base
. is quite a bit more expensive
. and has no DLC whatsoever

GTA 4's sales are still even between the two platforms.

Pretty telling actually eh?
Nelson M  +   2368d ago
It Tells you
That GTA was born on the Play Station
And the Playstation owners Did their Bit
Now its up to R* to do theirs
And Make GTA5 Exclusive to the PS3
Xbots play games  +   2368d ago
This proves what we've been saying all along..
Everyone knew the sales were split, which is why Microsoft getting both Grand Theft Auto and Resident Evil 5, anf Final Fantasy onto the 360 are the biggest coupes in gaming history. Without the $50 Million deal, the console race would be over as we speak in favor of Sony. The GTA franchise was a monster franchise for Sony. The absolute height of the PS2. Pulling consumers enough consumers to the 360 was a miraculous task that PS3 supporters and bloggers complain about to this day. I actually restarted GTA 4 to finally complete it, before I start new DLC.
ShabzS  +   2368d ago
exactly right... miraculous indeed
rhood022  +   2368d ago
The franchise may have been big on the PS2, but it was never exclusive.
GTA III onwards were all multiplatform titles. The only coup there was getting it day and date with the PS3 version.

The same can be said with RE 5. During the PS2 era, RE went multiplat. Aside from the PSOne games (which were re-released on the Gamecube), the RE series was never a Sony exclusive.

EzekielRAGE  +   2368d ago
Restarted the Story ?
I had to force myself to get through the story to complete it. I never even tried to startover after the trophy update.
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