Sands of Destruction : Teaser Trailer US

Sands of Destruction, originally released in Japan last year under the title Worlds of Destruction, will be released this summer in USA.
Sega has just published the first U.S. Teaser Trailer of the game.

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PS360WII3562d ago

Pretty good opening. Sega has certainly been on a roll and this game is no exception :)

BranWheatKillah3562d ago

I figured it was an RPG of a sort then it lost me when I noticed it was for the DS.

PS360WII3562d ago

Well then you sir are missing out on a lot of great rpgs

Argento-Nox3562d ago

I want to play it just for the bear with the eyepatch, it just reminds me of the Ravemaster and One Piece anime.