10 Games Every Wii Owner Should Have

Green Pixels: The Wii may have revolutionary controls, but that doesn't matter if you don't have anything to play. Unfortunately, that's the position a lot of Wii owners, many of whom are new to gaming, find themselves in once they're sick of bowling and tennis in Wii Sports. So we've compiled a list of the 10 games that every Wii owner should have.

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astrobrights3271d ago

I can see some thought went into the list, which is usually never the case with top ten lists. I don't agree with the list though. I would have obviously included Twilight Princess and Metroid Prime 3 at least.

KruLLit3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

the ones you said and I would also include okami and resident evil 4

Mahr3271d ago

"No More Heroes-The Wii itself may be the family-friendly console, but you need at least one game just for the grown-ups, and this shooter fits the bill"

No More Heroes isn't a... oh, nevermind.

Shnazzyone3271d ago

How odd that a girl gamer would say no more heroes is a shooter. Guess she never got around to actually picking it up... guess she misinterpreted some screenshots or something.

hotrider123271d ago

soon as contra 5 comes out for wii and r-type shooter comes on wii then I'll pick one up

N4g_null3271d ago

The guys that made the good contra sequel is now working on a boy and his blob. R-type, not sure that's coming out? Good choice of games though... now you sir are a real shooter fan!

Yet treasure has a game coming sin and punishment 2... you should really play the first one it's pretty incredible and plays like contra in some parts.

I would love to see square do a einhander on the Wii though and make it multiplayer too!

hotrider123270d ago

I would love to see square do a einhander on the Wii though and make it multiplayer too!


xabmol3271d ago

Top Ten "Worst Top Ten Lists" List.

hatchimatchi3271d ago

yea, corruption should have been on there. That game is brilliant