Next-gen war wide open

Stormfront Studios boss tells GDC that it's still anyone's game in the next-gen arena.

Founder and president Don Daglow today told attendees of his GDC session that it's "impossible" to predict which games format will rule the new generation.

Interestingly, he said that hardcore gamers still mattered to the success of a platform, despite the many voices claiming that games need to be accessible and reach wider audiences. Along with pricing and a high level of quality games, he said these were the key ingredients to a console's success.

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ChefDejon4268d ago

idk but for the xbox 360 to have come out a year before any other of the next gen console show that they really didnt capialize to much on thier lead.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4268d ago

Profits don’t lie when something sales it sales and the 360 sales are progressive so your wrong.

weekapaugh4268d ago

selling a little under 10MM in a year and 3 months isn't exactly setting the world on fire considering there was NO competition for most of that time frame.

MySwordIsHeavenly4268d ago

Yes, they're progressive...if you wanna call it that. If I recall...the PS3 and the Wii are catching up steadily. Sony just started doing things right again...2006 was NOT kind to them. They screwed up and they're paying for it. MS did everything right...except be innovative...and that's what sells. Live was innovative...but there was nothing new brought to the table this time. They need to bring something that hasn't been done before. I'm sure they will...but we haven't seen it yet. Does anyone STILL believe the 360 can outperform the PS3? Unless you're THEMART, please respond to this. Many of you say that PS3 games have that "dull" look to them. Wait...Motorstorm had dull colors? I'm just wondering what peoples' logic is on the "dull" colors thing.

Neutral Gamer4268d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

You said: "Does anyone STILL believe the 360 can outperform the PS3?"

I'm no fanboy but last time I looked the Xbox 360 had sold more consoles than the PS3. So from a purely grammatical point of view you should have said:

"Does anyone still believe the PS3 can outperfrom the 360?"

This is where you say, "but the Xbox 360's been out for over a year!"

EXACTLY. What you meant to say was that you believe that by the end of this year the PS3 will have outsold the Xbox 360. Why can't you just wait until the PS3's been out for a year and then we'll have a more accurate picture of the market.

This Christmas will decide everything, especially as we'll know how the PS3 did in Europe. Personally I think it'll be pretty even with all gamers celebrating, but I could be wrong, it's just an opinion.

So let's just wait and see shall we?

As for the "dull" colours thing, I'm sure people only said that in relation to multiplatform games. Most of the time ported games don't look the same as the original, so frankly, don't listen to people who criticise the PS3's power because of it. Looking at the first party and exclusive games would be a better judge of the PS3's relative power.

Dreyals4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

down to what people want. Calling this a war IMO is silly. Everybody on the MS and Sony side of the house has counted the Game Cube out for a few years now. Yet the GC still has games being released on it like splinter cell. I myself don't have a X360(my son has a 360), do I think it sucks, no. Does it beat the hell out of PS3, not in my opinion(and yes I have a PS3). On the flipside does the PS3 beat the hell out of X360, once again, not in my opinion. Each console does something better than other at some point that makes a small difference. I see on here all of the comparisons and some of the small minds make a huge issue out of small things such as jerseys or background crowds, who cares. The key things it should be about are the game play and fun factor. I bought a PS3 because it has games I like that are exclusive, such as MGS, SOCOM, and RFOM. All the others that I like are multi-platform anyways. MS, Sony, and Nintendo are all probably sitting back in a bar getting zooted and laughing there arses off.

weekapaugh4268d ago

...gamers. all the companies and developers are pushing hard now and cranking out cool games for all systems. competition is good.

Neutral Gamer4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

I agree completely, if people just stepped back a sec and looked at the market, they'd realise that us gamers never had it so good.

Who cares about consoles, let's talk about games!

Let's get those two speech bubbles of yours up a bit ...

Neutral Gamer4268d ago

With there not being a clear winner in this generation it means the big three have to work harder to try and entice us to buy their consoles and ultimately their games.

As any economist will tell you, competition is always good for the consumer, it brings prices down, provides more choice and encourages companies to make a better quality product to remain competitive.

We should ALL have a big grin on our face - why are we fighting?
Here's my grin: :-)

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