Army of Two 'Teamwork' HD

EA's new footage of 2 player coop rowdiness. Click on the video link below the embedded video to view in HD.

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lil bush4296d ago

the vid was really cool, but the physics were really sweet, cause the way you can break doors was awesome.

Toolman4296d ago

I hope they get the gamplay right, because some of the teambased ideas seem really cool. But wtf is up with the facemasks... lame

techie4296d ago

easier to animate a mask than a face? :P

Rooted_Dust4296d ago

I don't know...I kinda like the face masks. If getting shot at was your day job, wouldn't you want some protection?

JPomper4296d ago

Yeah, I think the masks are really cool. Can't wait for this game!

SIX4296d ago

I'm also really excited about this game. I'm surprised more people aren't.

techie4296d ago

If they pull off the AI in this game...this will be one of the best games around - and ground breaking!

Maldread4296d ago

Yeah the AI is going to be really important in Army of two. If they can nail that, they`re well underway. I thought the comments seemed a bit too much a first, but the macgyver one was funny. If the rest of the scenery is this interactive, it should lead to some great coop. Who knows, maybe EA can pull off a good game for once.

Maldread4294d ago (Edited 4294d ago )

Hehe although a bit late. Burnout is from Criterion which EA bought, i wouldn`t call it the same thing as internal EA developed game if you get what i`m saying. I know they own them and all that.

SSX was good though, got to hand them that.

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