WhityTheReviewer: Ninja Blade - Review

video reveiw of ninja blade.

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Zeus Lee3084d ago

What kind of a Review was that?

Fat Bastard3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

That reviewer was freakin hilarious! But that was really the only good part in my opinion, the game itself seemed kinda lame. I guess it's just hard for me to believe that a ninja could stop a plane from crashing and exploding, even if it is only a game. And I also find it hard to believe that it's better then God of War

Godmars2903084d ago

By the look of it, an unprofessional one. From someone who's a fanboy.

Sitdown3084d ago

"I guess it's just hard for me to believe that a ninja could stop a plane from crashing and exploding, even if it is only a game."

Hahaha....but you have no problem believing a human can beat Gods or go to Hades and return? With that said....that is a huge claim to make regarding it being close to the level of GOW 1 or 2.....I will definitely have to check this out for myself....cause the video shown does not really help the reviewer's claim.

red5ive3084d ago

the graphics look terrible! and this idiot who's reviewing the game should stop with the constant swearing. he sounds like he doesn't have a well enough vocabulary to get a point across. f'n this f'n that. stop saying "bad ass"!!! your nasaly voice pisses me off. i hope a plane nosedives onto your freakin' eye! now THAT would be bad ass!

red5ive3084d ago

it's spelled "whitey", not "whity". "whity" is pronounced like "witty". u crazy son of a b!tch.

Bubble Buddy3084d ago

"Hahaha....but you have no problem believing a human can beat Gods or go to Hades and return?"

Kratos is half a God ;)

Fat Bastard3084d ago

Ok, I take back the not believable part and change it to just plain stupid. A freakin ninja stopping a plane from crashing is just gay. God of War is badass and has nothing to do with planes

soxfan20053084d ago

Even if it's not as good as God of War, who the hell cares? It looks to be a very good game, and it's available NOW. God of War 3 probably won't be out for a year. Are people really content to play NOTHING (in this genre) for a year just because God of War 3 may turn out to be a little better? Kind of crazy to me. Gamers play games. If your most anticipated game is still a year away, you play whatever is available until then. It's not like Ninja Blade is receiving 3's, 4's, and 5's.

Godmars2903084d ago

How about just accepting that the game represents over the top action as any over the top Ninja action movie would.

That the "reviewer" used GOW, which represents an over the top Greek hero movie - where the hero is an anti-hero - just tells you the guy's worth at his "job." Is sad proof that fanboy - especially a pompous one like this one - can cross the line into the industry.

Which tells you how the review industry is doing... :/

Ryo-Hazuki3083d ago

This game looks like a definite rent...this game looks more like Otogi but with QTE's. This guy is a fanboy...just by watching the gameplay its not no damn god of war, its not even worth comparing. Ninja blades enemies just sit there and look at i said its a next-gen otogi. Thats where comparisons should be

No Way3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

Sounds like your just mad. I can go pick out some games, maybe your favorites, and tell you things that are just plain stupid.. It's a fckin game! Stop hating..

@Bubble Buddy - So, a 5 foot Half God can defeat a 80 foot Full God? ;)

Some of you are not paying attention..
He doesn't say that this game is "better" than God of War.
He says this game is the equivalency, on the x360, to that of GoW on the PS3. If you payed attention (You even finish the video?) then you'd know that he said he hasn't played a game "that badass" Since GoD on PS2. Yeaaa, it sure sounds like he's hating on God of War, eh? -.-

INehalemEXI3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

I agree with whity this game delivers more then I expected, and I own a 360 and hate gears of war too.

The main character looks goofy though he is no Kratos. That head protector looks stupid and generic. Whity says you can alter his look , I hope I can take that thing off.

True its not near GoW's epicness. It is worthy of play though. IMO

BkaY3083d ago

he said tht "QTE in ninja blade surpasses GOW QTE "

r u serious mate.

i have played the demo .... and its not even near to GOW.... not even close...


Fat Bastard3083d ago

I just think the game looks pretty gay. And I would much rather be playing others like Killzone and Fable. But if ninjas stopping crashing planes floats your boat, that's fine too

No Way3083d ago

That is a stupid reason to stop watchin the review. Are you serious? Is it that hard for you to believe that a New game can surpass an aspect of an Older game?

@Fat Bastard- "I just think the game looks pretty gay." I can respect that. But, just saying it looks stupid, or whatever, because of that airplane sequence, then that's stupid, in my opinion. I understand where you're coming from, and I'm on the same tracks as you, as far as the airplane goes, but, it's a game.. It's just supposed to be fun, it doesn't need to be believable, or whatever, unless that's what the developers are going for.

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7ero H3LL3084d ago

the vid isn't from youtube, he makes reviews and has his page copy righted.


Ghoul3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

well kinda yes on his reviews but not the name/logo etc.

Godmars2903084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

The guy also imports/buys his own games. He's not given review copies from devs.

I'm also guessing, that like the HHG, he submitted this though N4G himself.

ANd who's f*cking stupid idea was it, not to have a direct feed, but put it up on autoplay!

DelbertGrady3084d ago

It was far from good, but still about 4 times better than anything Hiphopgamer has posted.

II Necroplasm II3084d ago

How can you not agree with Mr.Soda

tatotiburon3084d ago

so true...this guy at least have a capture video card, unlike hiphopgamer that still using captures from his old is that? and thes guy actually do a lot of video editing

Watch and learn HHG

Th3 Chr0nic3083d ago

You have a point good sir. i was ready to flame this guy with his grainy vid and "nasaly" voice and constant "cool effect" cursing. However, hiphopgamer is far worse, i would watch every review possible in the entire theme of "nasaly cursing grainy glory" if it could distract me from hiphopgaymer

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