Nile Online Launches

The new browser-based Egyptian MMO, Nile Online, has finished its beta and is now available to play.

Fond of building pyramids and monuments while managing a population and gathering resources? Then this might be the game for you. Nile Online is a persistent city-building sim where players start off by building their first city using local resources, then build up trade with other cities along the Nile. Eventually you can expand, build more cities and even become Pharaoh.

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Maticus2904d ago

Looks exactly like that old game Pharaoh. Loved that :)

Fyzzu2904d ago

A bit like a browser-based ATitD, then?

Dorjan2904d ago

Sim City MMO? Ha, worth a look!

Maticus2904d ago

It's just another sim game, but based in old Egypt.

Leord2904d ago

Still interesting how they will manage it as an MMO rather than a simple single player sim...

Elly2904d ago

I'm a big fan of Pharaoh so this would probably appeal.