Stuntman Ignition Preview

Stuntman was a sleeper hit on the PS2 a few years ago, but it never quite got the fanbase it arguably deserved, perhaps owing to its arriving in the middle of a bizarre and short-lived trend towards similar games (i.e. Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver). Stuntman: Ignition is an attempt to both remedy that problem and bring the game into the next generation.

Stuntman is a driving game, but it's more oriented towards pure action than anything else. Its control scheme isn't a million miles away from some of the more arcade-styled racing games out there, but its aim is different. With most racing games, the high-speed clenches and crashes are incidental to the process; in Stuntman, they are the process.

As the title signifies, you're a Hollywood stunt driver working on a wide variety of films, from 1970s cop dramas to modern thrillers, producing highly cinematic car chases and fight scenes. With the director barking orders in your ear, you must carry out a variety of tasks along your route through a given level. One stage, for example, has you pursuing another car through the streets of San Francisco. Along the way, you need to ramp over a flatbed truck while smashing its cargo, powerslide around a corner, nearly hit a streetcar, crash through a stack of crates, and use an open cargo container to ramp up and jump from a pier to the deck of a freight ship.

In each stage, you score points constantly for nearly hitting objects, pulling off drift combos, smashing obstacles, perfectly executing your director's requests, and more. Each bonus isn't much, but they add up quickly, until you're scoring a few thousand points every time you think to check.

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