High Voltage Software Sends Exclusive Screens to a Fansite

High Voltage Software, developers of The Conduit, have always done everything they could for the fans. Their latest deed invlolves sending a fansite four new exclusive screenshots of the game's latest biuld. Anticipation biulds as this Wii exclusive First-Person-Shooter gains momentum towards its summer release.

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Product2608d ago

that gun looks like it can create damage.

thats_just_prime2608d ago SpamShow
lord_of_balrogs2608d ago

This looks like the hardcore title the Wii has been waiting for. Online multiplayer too.

FinalomegaS2608d ago

looking forward to this,

would love infinite ammo, god mode, all the regular cheats for after beating the game...

Redempteur2608d ago

finally some diverse games are coming to the wii ..hopefully , the fps public will try it assuming friends codes won't ruin the online experience ...