Conan the Barbarian Interview

Interview with Conan developer. Find out what timeline the story will follow and what rewards you'll receive for slaughtering the masses. Title coming out early 2008.

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DaTrooF3878d ago

they seem to have a lot of work to do like with the a.i.did you guys notice one of the monsters on screen just staying in one spot.i might get this game...but as of right now i'm not feelin it.

lil bush3878d ago

i think that this game is going to kicks some major ass.

Violater3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

The Ai people need to take a page out of Heavenly swords book, b/c their Ai looks retarded, though maybe if i saw Conan coming at me I would be crapping my pants too in a corner.
But I think with the release a year away almost they have reached a fair distance. And shown us a lot of decent in game footage.