GDC 07: Looking back on Final Fantasy XII

When Square Enix started work on Final Fantasy XII for the PlayStation 2, it was determined to have a short-term turnaround for the project, according to Taku Murata, Square Enix's head of research and development.

He told a packed room at GDC during a session titled "Final Fantasy XII Postmortem" that the company had employees working on a variety of specialist subtasks. He said, "We wanted to avoid a long-term development period, [and] to solve that problem we just hired so many employees that you can't imagine." In the end, the game was five years in development.

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Antan4269d ago

FFXII is a brilliant game! epic doesn`t do it justice! and certainly for a 7yr old machine, looks very impressive! Though i never minded the random battles from previous, the new system is incredibly intuitive, especially once you get your gambits working.

lilwingman4269d ago

I agree. This game was amazing. The removal of random encounters was the best decision they could have made, and it had one of the most in-depth, immersive stories the series has ever seen in my opinion (finally a game that didnt revolve around a relationship, S-E is growing up *tear*). I did not like the summon system, but that one hiccup aside, this game was phenomenal and the stated 5-years of development time was well worth it. I hope with future installments we continue to see innovation, and I am particularly glad that S-E is not just sticking to what works for them.