Can PC Gaming Survive Next-Gen Consoles ?

Whenever a hot, new console arrives on the market, someone declares the demise of PC gaming. It happened with the PS2, the Xbox, the Dreamcast (well, to some extent), and it's happening now in the era of the "next gen" consoles. Does PC gaming have a future?

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THAMMER14271d ago

The PC market may not seem very popular but it is much bigger than the console market all together. The biggest problem they have is people stealing the games. PC gaming is here to stay.

Maldread4270d ago

You`re defiantly right. PC gaming is here to stay, because it`s the biggest marked. We will probably see more PC titles be ported to PS3 and 360, because of the rising development cost, and i`m fine with that, as long as the console versions don`t end up being inferior ports with bad framerates.

DeadlyFire4270d ago

No matter how much the PC Market fluctuates it should balance it selfout. It will never die no matter how much money the console market makes. At least until the consoles turn into PC systems with a new model every 5 years. That might happen with the next batch of consoles. PS3 supports keyboard + mouse and Linux. I wonder what PS4 will support in 2010 or 2011.

cuco334270d ago

pc gaming have been and will continue to take a hit as consoles keep coming up with ways to counter the advantages pcs have. we've seen online multiplayer continue to expand, online service patches and addons (although not custom mods from individuals yet) to ports that now no longer seem to support the pc in favor of the console. with that said, i dont think it will die. i think there will always be a niche for pc gaming, even after the consoles utilize the keyboard and mouse in the same fashion as a pc. i game on my pc still, although my pc rig has taken a huge hit in usage due to my 360 and wii purchases.

JsonHenry4270d ago

PC gaming will ALWAYS be around.


Because consoles are simply becoming PCs in a box. Consoles are mimicking PCs. If anything is losing out every time a new console is launched it is the console itself taking an inevitable step closer to being a PC.

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The story is too old to be commented.