Wing Island Review

Wing Island is one of those rare Wii titles where the controls work great but the overall game is anything but good. As you pilot one of many unlockable planes, and even formations of several planes, through obstacles and challenges you'll go through three phases. You'll start with excitement after realizing the Wiimote is perfect for flying airplanes. Then you'll make your way towards frustration when you run out of time and crash for the 5th time in a row. Finally you'll move on to complete disappointment when you realize that nearly every single challenge in the game is basic and almost a rehash of the last. Then the game will end abruptly and you'll wish you could return opened games.

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Close_Second4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

...if the cool control system on the Wii was being used with something with the power of 360 or PS3. Ok, so there is much fun to be had with the Wii but to me (and remember, this is just my opinion), the Wii serves up the same shallow fun as Eye Toy, Buzz and Singstar. All really fun devices that lack any software with any real depth or graphical wizardry. Just like Eye Toy, Buzz, etc, the Wii will only continue to be fun as long as there are addictive titles that shine on the system.

Take away the Wii remote and the Wii has very little else on offer - can it really last 5 years until the new Nintendo comes out???

Oh, one final note - why the heck did they not include HD support as these things look real crappy on HD displays.

ChickeyCantor4266d ago

arnt developers suppose to make a game with depth? its not the console, developers are the problem