Phil Harrison: We Hope To Keep HOME Free in the Future

GameTrailersTV sit down with Phil Harrison to discuss the recent Home announcement at GDC and how it impacts the future of the PS3. (Part 1)

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FordGTGuy4094d ago

Because your going to be spending all your money on your character and your house in Home. Inadvertently meaning that if you want to keep Home interesting your going to have to spend money on it at some point. This is nothing against Home I was just stating a point.

techie4094d ago

Well it will be interesting with all the basics...and you also get stuff, clothes and stuff for your pad when you buy games, or achieve things in games. You can make money to get stuff by making user created content and auctioning it off, or just selling your stuff from your house.

Also companies will pay quite a bit for their own lobby to advertise their products I'm sure.

FordGTGuy4094d ago

Want to take the time to make the user-created content and if they do no one is really guaranteed to buy it.(end of rant)

But it does influence people to buy more games in order to unlock more things for Home. But i'm still not a fan of how the publishers are having to pay for bandwidth an so on in the PSN because at some point of time they are going to want to make money to.

techie4094d ago

Lol true. But also I don't think publishers of games will have to pay much. But I'm talking about Panasonic, Microsoft ?:o, Warner Bros... etc. Plus websites etc...they'll all want to go 3d, and I hear many companies have already got in touch with Sony so they can work together and set up their own 3d space... And you know I think you can avoid going to these places if you dont want to and just stay in your pad, or stay chatting to people (and hopefully not salesmen) in the lobby.

BrotherSic4094d ago

It should be free as there is a key difference between Live and Home...


surely Sony can generate enough money between adverts, Like deepbrown said sponsor homes etc, user content.

FordGTGuy4094d ago

But in my opinion i'm fine with private chatting with a friend and I can get all my videos, demos, and so on and so on by just downloading them while being able to look through the movies to see which one I want to rent tonight. I mean what I described just shows the pluses to one way of doing it and what you described showed the pluses of the other way.

techie4094d ago

You can do all that as well...HOME isn't've still got the XMB etc.

Boink4093d ago

cause sony is in a great position to lose even more money.

FordGTGuy4093d ago

If there is one thing i've learned all these years its that advertisements really don't make companies to much money. Just because you see a Dodge Caliber in a game doesn't mean you are now moved to buy one then before. The only real way advertisements work is to show off a product most people don't know about or haven't really seen and the best way to do this is through a video not a picture on the side of a wall.

techie4093d ago

If you watch the HOME demo the ads ARE videos on walls...also companies can set up their own space where you can try out their products etc...the point is that companies will pay Sony to do this advertising...and that's how Sony will keep it free.

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The story is too old to be commented.