Sony Take Things to the Next Level discuss Phil Harrison's keynote and the prospects of Home, LittleBigPlanet, Singstar, and the way forward for Sony.

Following Phil Harrison as he delivered his keynote in San Francisco yesterday brought back an almost forgotten but eerily similar memory of console launches past - another shaven-headed, confident console executive, grinning to the camera and announcing, "You Are The Colony".

J Allard doesn't stick his nose into Microsoft's games business much any more - he's got his hands full these days trying to convince people that there's a future to the firm's Zune music player - but his legacy lives on. Xbox Live hit six million users this week. There's your Colony, right there. It's a substantial advantage which Microsoft and its vocal supporters aren't shy about bludgeoning Sony over the head with.

Yesterday, though, Harrison finally outlined what Sony plans to do to wrest the online advantage from Microsoft - and crucially, it's a remarkably different vision to the one which Microsoft itself has been pursuing. Microsoft's key objectives with Xbox Live have been to deliver a smooth, reliable service for sending messages, playing games and buying stuff. Sony, in contrast, believes that what we want to do online has more to do with participating, contributing, creating and customising.

Read on for Sony's turning of the tide and introducing a Third Way for Online.

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FordGTGuy4268d ago

Then Sony has and you can't argue with 6 million users.

miasma4268d ago

that i like the fact that they are trying a different online approach as opposed to Microsoft. IMO, even though it is an online environment being built by programmers etc, it will be the masses that will take hold of it and shape it, and it is in the multi-faceted appraoch of this "community" (home) that provides different people with different approaches in how to enjoy it. That is flexibility. And many ideas (such as myspace, flickr, etc) have proven that. but utilizing a 3d emmersive environment like this has great potential for starting where those ideas are and going much further.

And i am not saying that this is going to be better than Xbox live, it is going to be a different kind of animal all its own.

TheXgamerLive4268d ago

I would like to see a user/discussion board accesible on live, but otherwise Xbox live is a truly complete service and it runs flawlessly. I'm even downloading and watching TV and Movies each night on my Xbox 360 through live, it's great.

Sony is trying something different since there so far behind and it may very well work for them and hopefully it does as sony ps3 owners have already paid for this type of service and it's not being delivered as of yet.
Sony took a good approach for them and hopefully it pans out soon.

CyberSentinel4268d ago

May the best Company(Games) win.

Boink4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

I love how some of these gaming sites seems to be thinking home is going to magically turn things around.

I've talked to several ps2 gamers I know and 1/2 of them don't know what home is, and then after it's explained to them, they think it's a neat idea, but most agree that the titles will define which console they buy next.

Yo Wassap4268d ago

Wait and find out is all i can really say, before the xbox 1 came out hardly anybody new about it. Look at it now, same with many other products and could be the same with home. If it works then maybe it would be nice to see a microsoft version but through their eyes. I'm sure in the future some sort of integration can be created.

weekapaugh4268d ago

"I've talked to several ps2 gamers I know and 1/2 of them don't know what home is"

so half of the several didn't know what home was? i applaud your very scientific and prodigious statistical sample used to derive your conclusion.

Boink4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

and I applaud your attempt at saying something intelligent, while wasting one of your precious two bubbles.

the point was that it's not a big deal, very cool, but not a system selling feature.

comparing home to XBL is useless, cause they are completely different entities.

techie4268d ago

I doubt anyone knows what HOME is since it was announced two days ago...and really only people who are on the web reading about the ps3 would know about if half know that's quite crazy...word must be going round.

Dareaver14267d ago

Now deepbrown, i know you struggle to stay neutral, but you have to admit that you are a ps3 enthusiast. But I do like the ideas of home, kinda reminds me of NFL 2k series when you had your pads that you could develop. Just a little more broadened since you can now show them to other people. But back to the point, ps2 has how large of a fanbase. so if half of them know, within only 2days time. That's a lot of people. I love XBL, but this is a nice approach from sony, i hope they do well. maybe when they allow cross platform online gaming, we will all be able to game to our full potentials, just a dream though. But since microsoft is pulling the pc users, maybe everyone will jump on board. nothin better than more competition.

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