GDC 2007: Controlling Forza 2

Dan Greenawalt analyses how physics ideas shape the feel in race car driving.

In the GDC lecture entitled Force Feedback in Racing Simulation, Forza Motorsport 2 Lead Designer Dan Greenawalt went into great technical depth about the physics, control, and feel of racing games. His team, Turn 10, has solved many issues with Forza 2 by digging deep into their physics engine and by finding the right balance between ordinary driving and real racecar driving.

"I wish every copy of Forza Motorsport 2 came with a designer in it," said Greenawalt jokingly. "That way we could ask people, 'Do you really drive this way in your own car?'" Greenawalt's comment is the basis for much of his team's core goal in designing Forza 2. Their montra was feedback, feedback, feedback. "People know how they want to drive, they know how they drive in their own car, but how many people have driven 180 miles per hour in a 10-cylinder racecar? Most people tap-tap-tap the controller, I do it myself. But if you did that in a Lamborghini you'd instantly spin it out every time."

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power of Green 4294d ago (Edited 4293d ago ) vs GTHD looks good when it comes to the back ground as of now and does look next-gen to a point but hardly anything else is next-gen about GTHD other than it's look(weak lighting, no sim physics.

The lighting, reflections and damage will be so next-gen it won't matter if that shell of a game GTHD will have hard headed Sony fans talking sh*t because your brain will interpate whats going on in forza as bing more real than in GTHD.